A Shift to Knitted Home Decorator from a Common Housewife

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Spare time with almost no work at all and everyone locked inside the homes due to the trepidation of Coronavirus pandemic all around the globe…. Almost every person in the world had to shut their works and follow Stay-at-home orders from the government. Due to the lockdown imposed by the government and sudden downfall in the economy, many people had to lose their jobs and companies also cut off the pay scales but despite the jinxed days, the lockdown period was also a boon for the people who wanted to use their free time for upgrading their skills.

A housewife turned knitted home decorator, Mrs. Arati Dangol from Nayabasti, Gujeshwari also had some exciting stories about how she chose the path of making beautiful decors that ameliorate the homes. Her products of home decors can be found in Rolling Bazaar, an online e-commerce hub where you can find various Nepali products made from local resources and local people. Rolling Bazaar is a platform for all the local Nepalese entrepreneurs with the motto of #NepaliMaanNepaliUtpadan where their products will be accessible to the people through an online site. Mrs. Arati Dangol seems to be very happy and proud of herself when her decors were enlisted in Rolling Bazaar. She shares, “I am very pleased to see my products in Rolling Bazaar. I have always been busy in household chores but I think I will be able to sustain my distinct identity now.”

BUT, how does this lockdown period unfolded the hidden skills of Arati Dangol? Let’s hear the story behind the creation of beautiful home decors from Arati Dangol herself.

“I have always been a typical housewife and I was always tied up in my household chores, children, and family. Even though this lockdown period had bestrewn the world with chaos, the free time during lockdown made me realized my potentials. I used to watch DIY YouTube videos a lot during the lockdown period and I realized that I could also make the home decors using my knowledge and embellish those decors with my designs. Many of my friends also make these decors but I find something missing in them. Whenever I make the same products, they look exactly like the readymade products. So I started to make these decors 4, 5 months before using wool, pearls, gum, and other materials, and the results were astounding.

My 12-year-old daughter seemed very happy with my products and she insisted on making more to decorate her room. It encouraged me to learn more and use my designing techniques. I started to make such decors 2 or 3 in a day. I often posted some of my decors’ photos on social media and I got very positive responses. Rolling Bazaar further helped me to access my products to the large people and I am very thankful for that. I have an aim to create my own identity and I am optimistic about that.”

Mrs. Arati Dangol shared with us how the lockdown period became an auspicious opportunity to meet her true self and hidden potentials. Her home decors are appealing to see and decorate in anyone’s homes. She has also got support from her family for initiating the creations. Women like Arati Dangol needs to get the platform to showcase their skills and talent because “Nothing is worse than missing an opportunity that could have changed your life.” They need to be appreciated and encouraged for their steps to establish their peculiar identity.
Let’s encourage those who want to introduce their distinct identity into society. Let’s use and promote Nepalese products and entrepreneurs.

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