Human Resource: how can employees benefit from it?

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An effective and capable Human Resource Management system not only benefits the company and its growth but is also highly important for the employees to grow and prosper in their careers.  

What is HR?

HR or human resources refers to the people working in the company. Human Resources are of great importance in the economy as assets. 


Acknowledging the importance of human resources, companies hire professionals and have a dedicated department who manage the human resource of the organization. 


This department or group of professionals is referred to as HR, Human Resource Management (HRM), or the HR department. 

Key functions of HR


The HR department of a company has the huge responsibility of managing the entire workforce and leading it towards optimum productivity and achieving the company goals.


To achieve this, the HR department is filled with professionals who specialize in Human Resource Management. Below are 7 key functions of Human Resource management. 


Since the term HR is used to describe both the department as well as the employees in a company, in this article, we will be using the term to mostly signify the HRM department in a company.

  • Recruitment and talent acquisition


The HR of a  company also handles all recruitment and onboarding activities. The HR professionals constantly seek the best potential candidates to ensure that great deals of talents join their company. 


The HR professionals review candidate resumes, conduct interviews and screening programs, and select the best manpower for the company. The HR professionals also are on a constant lookout to discover new talents who might help the company grow in the future. 

  • Employee performance management


The HR professionals manage and access the quality of the results produced by the employees and access their daily performance and measure it with the skills and responsibility that they possess. The performance is also compared to the goals and objectives set by the company. 


Employee performance management is accessed daily to ensure a steady growth rate. 

  • Learning, development, and training programs


HR also specializes in providing training and development programs. When a new employee joins the company, they are provided with orientation sessions, training to better adapt to their responsibilities and numerous learning and development programs are conducted by the HR regularly to help employees improve and grow their skillset and further their careers. 

  • Data analysis and planning


HR also has the function of keeping records and data of the employees. The department monitors the attendance, leave, and absence of the employees. 


HR also has the function of taking the organizational goals and preparing a plan of action to achieve them. The department gives all the employees a direction to invest their time and effort in which leads to fulfilling the long and short-term goals of the company.


  • Benefits and rewards management 


Since HR has the function of employee performance management, they also specialize in providing benefits and rewards to the employees while acknowledging their work ethic and performance. 


The department also adds consequences for employees who have poor performance. The problems behind poor performances are identified and dealt with accordingly. 

  • Motivation and organizational culture


Another major function of HR is to establish an ideal organizational culture that ensures both the internal and external success of a company. HR constantly tries to maintain motivation and optimism in the company through various programs and events. 


The company policies and ethical code of conduct are also monitored by HR. This is very important to make the employees feel safe, secure, and motivated. 

  • Maintaining relationships


HR maintains a healthy and good relationship with everyone in the company. They have to maintain excellent managerial as well as labor relations since HR in a company acts as a communication network for everyone in the chain of command. 


The HR professionals are also the go-to people when any other department or employee is facing a problem. 

10 ways HR can help employees in their career path


Making them more productive and efficient 


One of the key functions of HR is employee performance management. HR professionals are on a constant lookout for ways to improve and enhance the productivity of employees. Mentorship programs. Learning and development programs etc make employees more productive and efficient. This not only benefits the company but also helps the employees to increase their value and grow. 




Upskilling is one of the main reasons for employee satisfaction in a company. Upskilling programs not only benefit the company by having fewer employees who can do much more than many employees combined, but the employees themselves have a win in this too. Gaining a variety of skills and the ability to multitask will make them an asset for any company increasing their professional value again. Thus, upskilling training conducted by HR has a great significance. 


Personal Assessment: Strength and Weakness

The HR is in constant communication with the employees and works to improve their performances. During this assessment, employees get an opportunity to discover their strengths and weaknesses and work on them. Being able to nurture their strengths and strengthen their weaknesses is a huge step of personal growth for any individual. 


Flexible and efficiently designed work schedule


The HR in a company also works to provide employees with the best possible work environment so that they can perform better. Since the goal now is to produce better quality results, working hours and work schedules are made flexible today so that employees can provide the company with their best performance as per their nature of productivity.


 Along with being more productive, this also helps the employees to maintain a healthy work-life balance while getting the work done.


Navigating problems and difficulties 


With a team of professionals dedicated to making the work environment better and helping employees, it is easier for employees to discuss and seek help for any personal or professional issue and depend on the company during hard times.


This also helps strengthen the bond between the employees and the company leading to lower employee turnover rates. 


Benefits, recognition, and incentives


Many employees spend years working for the same company. The time and effort dedicated by the employees to lead the company towards success are immeasurable. Acknowledging the service of the employees, HR provides high-performing employees with various rewards, benefits, and incentives. Activities like these make the employees happy and appreciated. This also motivates them to work harder since these rewards add to their happiness in their personal lives as well.


Easily solved managerial problems


Since HR is in communication with everyone in the chain of command and helps all employees, the HR professionals also help managers solve any problems they might be facing while managing a group of employees or more. 


The HR also helps bridge communication gaps between senior management and the laborers. The employees feel included and also have the opportunity of networking which may help them in their career later on. 


Easily solved labor issues


The senior management team may be too busy or preoccupied in a big company to communicate with the laborers freely. With the help of the HR department, the laborers can freely discuss their issues and get the support and help they require. Having a solid and capable HRM team helps reduce conflict in the workplace and establishes a positive and peaceful work environment. 


Right people at right places


Since the HRM team specializes in hiring, onboarding, and talent acquisition, only the employees who are fit for the job and possess the necessary skills for it are hired. 


Also, tasks and departments are assigned according to the employee strengths and weaknesses since that too is accessed by the department regularly. This helps the employees to be at the right place which is suitable for them and grow without being overwhelmed and confused.


Boosting connectivity and connection 


The HRM also organizes various events and programs to help the employees bond and connect. Activities like these help the employees build and expand their network which may benefit them in the future. 


A capable Human Resource Management team can do wonders for both the internal and external success of the company. With a workforce that is constantly improving, company goals being met, an ideal work environment, and organizational culture full of motivated and satisfied employees, a company is bound to succeed. 

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