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Rolling Plans Pvt Ltd (RPPL), an ISO 9001-2015 consulting firm focuses mainly on HR consulting, business process outsourcing and IT-enabled services. RPPL provides services to various national and international clients. So for the purpose of successful execution of services, RPPL has approximately 1000 employees (Core Team Members + Outsourced Team Members) from diverse backgrounds with talents, skills, and potential in abundance giving their best.

Youth leadership is something Rolling Plans appreciates and acknowledges. Rolling Plans is always determined in promoting and empowering youth leadership. The employees working in leadership roles here at Rolling are doing commendable jobs. The synergy between the leaders and the company is applaudable. As such, we are honored to make Rolling 30 under 30 Announcement featuring the ten youth leaders of Rolling Plans who are below 30 and are demonstrating exceptional leadership through their current role in the company. 


I believe in creating opportunities rather than waiting for one. - Pravash Rai

Pravash Rai currently serves Rolling Plans Private Limited as a Head of Human Resources and Vice President - Rolling Job under the corporate and functional role respectively. 23 Years old, Mr. Pravash Rai is a Westcliff University MBA graduate with a 4 out of 4 CGPA. He specializes in People Culture & Operations Management, Talent Acquisition & Capacity Building, and overall Organizational Development.

As Vice President of Rolling Job, Nepal's Premium Job Portal, Mr. Pravash Rai has a key influence on financial planning, service production, digital marketing, branding, and communications. "I joined Rolling Plans exactly 3 years and 2 months ago. Since joining the organization, I had never waited for a leadership position to demonstrate my leadership capabilities. I've always felt that rather than waiting for opportunities, I should create them. I recall being entrusted with some major assignments because of my interest when I first joined the organization. This is the beauty of Rolling Plans: we value each team member's work by providing the right opportunity at the right time," he says.

Within three years of service in Rolling Plans, Mr. Pravash Rai has received numerous honors throughout his career, including Best Newcomer, Best Contributor of the Year, Best Department of the Year, and Exceptional Leadership Award. Mr. Pravash Rai is noted for his innovative thinking when it comes to introducing new techniques to the firm, and he is credited with fostering a high-performance culture. He also heads the company's Rolling Monthly News Letter Bureau and Digital Content Creation, Team.

Mr. Pravash Rai believes in empowering and engaging team members in order to create a strong foundation for the organization's success. Mr. Rai's key principles include a high-performance culture, respect for diversity & inclusion, professionalism, and integrity.

Optimism is empowering. -  Leela Acharya                       

Leela Acharya, 24, performs and carries the role of Project Coordinator where she grooms and nurtures the whole team from scratch. She finds her job exciting and challenging at the same time.

She is currently part of two projects i.e., Contact Center Management and our Province Division. She works with Contact Center Associates (CCA) to meet the client's SLA with great customer satisfaction and exceeding the standard set by Rolling Plans. Her duties include preparing, processing, evaluating, and rewarding her team members for their performance and making them realize their impact on the whole team. On the other hand, in Rolling Nexus, she looks after the Province In-charges from all the seven provinces and provides the help and guidelines to enhance and improvise the business aspects, requirements and finally build up a strong working unit and business expansion.

Aspirants who seek to become her or maybe even more in future, need to have two major characteristics i.e., a problem-solving attitude and a leader who is open to ideas no matter who it comes from. "Speak up/ Share Ideas" is one of the most important things taught by her line managers and management team in her journey with Rolling Plans Pvt. Ltd.

She is a firm believer in updating herself with evolving external environments and opening up to different ideas that are better for the business. As a leader, she makes sure that her team understands the goals and objectives of the company.


I never dreamed about success, I worked for it. - Sandeep Chaulagain

Sandeep Chaulagain is the Vice President for Rolling Karmashil Swadesh at Rolling Plans Pvt. Ltd. He began his career as a Call Center Representative and worked his way up to the post of Head Supervisor after more than 5.5 years. He recalls being on the verge of resigning from his job and leaving the organization.

He shares “I recall that I was going to resign from my work because I wanted to pursue additional education in another country. I feel myself fortunate to have worked in such an atmosphere with so many talented coworkers, as well as motivating, energetic, and supportive management who have always been committed to excellence.” He is currently in charge of the overall project for Rolling Karmashil Swadesh, where his main responsibilities include ensuring smooth day-to-day operations, overseeing the performance of his team members, and providing assistance and guidance to improve and develop the commercial elements.

He has always identified himself as a learner who is eager to learn and progress both professionally and personally. He was constantly dedicated and industrious as a head supervisor, always driven to accomplish more than expected out of him. Anyone aspiring to be like him must possess attributes such as a desire to learn and grow, which has been his key slogan for success, which he often shares with his team members.

The A in Arun stands for “Are you motivated enough to enjoy your job?” - Arun Dhungana

Arun Dhungana is a customer service supervisor responsible for creating a productive environment within a customer service team, monitoring the teams' performance to ensure that the team is keeping up with the service needs.

He makes sure that his service team are customer service focused and are providing exceptional services to the customers by holding them responsible and removing impediments. He measures and reports on the customer service department's efforts and accomplishments to other stakeholders. He is determined in continuing to explore methods to increase performance, efficiency, and efficacy based on analytics and client input to develop the business and reduce churn. According to him, insights from customer data are provided to the marketing and sales divisions.

Mr Dhungana considers himself a transformational leader. Rolling Plans Pvt. Ltd has trusted Dhungana in several of his initiatives throughout his 4.5-year career in the Customer Service department.

He understands the impact of positive reinforcement so he makes effort in acknowledging and praising the accomplishment of his team members so that they stay motivated and enjoy their work. Moreover, he offers possibilities to his team members to grow, develop and learn. This helps in improving their talents and becoming more useful. He also encourages his team to achieve outstanding results and pursue new methods and ideas that will benefit them in the future.


‘’Deal with negativity like how you deal with challenges. Face them.” - Sujita Shrestha

Sujita Shrestha stepped into the corporate world On May 1, 2017. For her, these four years of the journey have been pretty uneven, starting from assistant to a senior team member now. Currently, she is involved with call center operations that entail planning, organizing, leading, and controlling of banking and insurance sectors along with admin and quality management, hiring, training, and floor performance management, and client coordination.

She adds that working in the call center is much enjoyable as well as challenging in its way. As per the requirement of the project, they need to operate 24/7. Even in the pandemic and other external political issues, the operation runs in complete phase. Managing such situations would be easier if the government would be more concerned and provide information prior. However, even in such a situation, the projects she is associated with are running smoothly with management and client support.

Miss Shrestha got a chance to work with different management teams with their unique techniques over the years. She believes that these experiences have helped her idealize her leadership style. She deals with the negativity in the workplace by identifying the employees who haven’t been their absolute optimistic self, their actions, and the impact they’re having on the workplace. Similarly, she also talks to the employee, shows them the impact of their attitude and makes it clear that negativity won’t be tolerated and disciplinary action will be taken as per the contract.

She actively makes effort to support the employees to change their attitude, allows them to explain their problems, encourages them to find a solution, and provides help if needed.


‘'Be your person. Be a PEOPLE person.’’ - Rojesh Man Shrestha

Rojesh Man Shrestha started as a Call Centre Representative from the young age of 21. Now, it has already been five years of him working in this company in a well-appreciated role of a manager.

As Call Center Operations Deputy Manager, he directly supervises call centre staff to ensure positive morale and effective daily operations. He also conducts staff performance reviews to assess needs, cost/benefit analysis, and other operational strategies. Besides, as a VP - Operations of Rolling Bazaar, he administers day-to-day company operations, defines and implements operations strategy, structure, and processes. Apart from that, managing the quarterly and annual budgeting process and P&L responsibilities also fall under his duties. He also interviews, hires, trains, and mentors the operations management team and provides regular performance updates to the senior management team.

Self-learning, self-belief, humbleness, integrity, never giving up attitude compliments his journey from then to now. His efforts, dedication and achievements of teammates/subordinates made it possible for him to come across amazing inclinations in his career from agent to supervisor then Head Supervisor, eventually the position of In-charge, and now Manager.

There are many core beliefs that he follows and PEOPLE is one of them. As a leader, your pride can be a powerful tool if you focus on the outward. Your inner attitude should encompass humility. The ability to oversee with total understanding and communication is a must. One should be able to motivate others to work on their personal development through their commitment to their personal development. Success is all about learning from the risks taken and mistakes made. One should embrace communication because it is the key solution to every problem.


‘’Let your dedication and hard work speak on your behalf.’’ - Jinesh Subedi

Jinesh Subedi, 27, works as a Senior PHP Programmer in Rolling Plans Private Limited.

His roles and responsibilities are writing PHP scripts and coding to create and modify software and application according to the requirement. His others tasks are troubleshooting any errors or issues relating to PHP programs, working closely with the IT team in completing projects, handling team/juniors' developers or tackling the problems faced by juniors in their project development. While developing the software module, he also has to deal with new obstacles and challenges which are solved by continuous research and test work. Mr Subedi guides a team of 4 and has been able to establish himself as a great asset to the Rolling IT team.

The company has always believed in him because of his dedication and hard work. He was also awarded the best rookie award (Newcomer Award). Similarly, his problem-solving attitude and willingness to learn is commendable. He is patient, a thorough team player and has excellent communication skills.

He is a firm believer in letting his dedication and hard work speak on his behalf.


‘’You are your own master. You are born to win hearts and achieve what you desire.’’ - Ranjit Thapa

Ranjit Thapa works as a Business Development Manager in Rolling Plans Pvt Ltd and Vice President for Rolling CAT. As a BDM, his roles and responsibilities are not limited to sales and marketing but rather extends to other various activities within the company like Research and development, headhunting, client relations, supervision - team monitor, sales and marketing, training and development.

He has always loved this part of his professional life where he got the opportunity to explore himself a lot. He believes that people can achieve whatever they desire as long as they are dedicated and possess a go-getter attitude.

Also, he adds that we all are our masters and we just need to explore whatever that’s within us. Then and now, he thinks that he is blessed with guidance from his seniors which has always been the best motivation for him in his workplace.

As a leader, his vision for his team is to see each individual of the team acquire great skills, grow in their career and climb the ladder of personal development ultimately winning hearts and success out there.


“Look for inspiration within.” - Anup Shahi

Anup Shahi, 29, is a Senior Manager for Accounts and Finance Department in Rolling Plans Pvt Ltd.

The major roles and responsibilities that he handles are preparing and filing returns of VAT, TDS and Advance Tax, supervising of Finance and Procurement Department, compiling with statutory laws and policies. His duties also consist of focusing on reconciliation and management of payables and receivables. Preparation of Financial Statement for Statutory Audit and Internal Audit and budget and budgetary control are also some of his other tasks. He follows “The Persuasive Management Style” and “Participative Leadership Style” and looks forward to the SMT for inspiration and mentorship.

As a leader, Mr Shahi is patient and humble. He is also very proactive towards the company’s financial health. Moreover, he is driven in making financial strategies for the optimum utilization of the company’s funds. His technical knowledge knows no bounds.

He is a good leader in the sense that he guides his team well and keeps them compact. He looks for inspiration within and his team members find that inspiring and are also motivated by that.


“A good leader helps their employees reach their highest potential, and possesses the necessary empathy and moral awareness to get there.”  - Manila Devkota

Manila Devkota, 29, is the Deputy HR Manager for Rolling Plans Pvt Ltd. She started her association with Rolling Plans as a Senior Officer-Group HR two years ago.

Her major role is project management. Most of her duties include Outsourced Staff Management as an HR, facilitating with recruiting candidates for roles across the organization, collaborating extensively with department managers to understand requirements, supporting managers in making applicable promotion and transition decisions. Along with these tasks, her role for Deputy Manager Group-HR includes effective liaison, support and assistance with the whole of the organization, maintaining and improving mechanisms for organization activities, including surveying and measuring the operations, process.

She always encourages collaboration and is open to hearing people’s perspectives. Her preferred leadership style is creating harmony which builds and foster relationships within the workplace and leads to a more collaborative and positive work environment with constructive feedback.

She is trying her best to become the best version of herself as a leader. She has always sought to become a leader who would touch and impact the lives of different individuals in positive ways. She is determined in making a profound and positive impact in whatever she puts her mind to.



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