#IamRemarkable – Faija Parween

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“You are not made for competitions, maybe you have to find your own space.”    The conclusory advice of the conversation that was held between Faija Parween and her senior, was the true calling to rummage the passion of the real her. Recalling the college days in the youth sensation show ‘StoryYellers’ about the defeats in several competitions, Faija Parween has made a grade to the way of accomplishments and has become the most active and renowned woman entrepreneur amongst the youths.

In the peregrination of a girl who used to get bullied regarding many things to a mentally strong woman entrepreneur, Faija Parween had to lose many battles and now she stands strong making others understand their remarkability as well. Forming a social enterprise named Open Space Nepal in 2014 and leading the organization solely for a year after segregation of team members, Faija Parween realized the field she was interested in. She left CA and studied BBA at the Ace Institute of Management. Event management has been the core interest of Faija. Losing in the competitions made her realize the true knock to the real Faija Parween. Founder and Executive Director of Open Space Network, an entity focussing on bridging the gap between “product and product”, “product and people” and “people and people” through various multi-cultural events, organized with a strong perspective to bind people together of different communities, her organization was the first-ever organization to organize the largest events such as Namaste Eid, Henna Festival and more.

Breaking the stereotypes of the deep-rooted norms of the society, she has been able to set the criteria that the limitations can’t break anyone apart. Also playing the role of country lead for a Google-based campaign “Women will” begetting employment opportunities for women, she was also a former member of US Embassy Youth Council and Country Director for “60 Second International Film Festival”. Currently, she is a member of the Youth Coordination Committee, Visit Nepal 2020. Chaperoning as an entrepreneurial speaker and a change-maker in many entrepreneurial events, her stories of struggle and learning are really commendatory amongst the youths of today who underestimate the resources and opportunities available in our country. She always insists on the youths on crackling the inner voice of oneself to begin the journey of excavating oneself and shine bright.

An optimistic lady with an indelible smile, many people pinpoint her from her pretty and sanguine smile. Dedicated, passionate, friendly, smiley, confident are the synonyms to Faija Parween. Along with her, she always makes others realize that they are remarkable, one just has to find the remarkability within oneself.

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