How to get Online Jobs in Nepal

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With almost 60% of the global population using the internet in 2020, there has been a significant rise in the number of internet users in Nepal as well. And that surge has simultaneously increased the numbers of people looking to get online jobs in Nepal.The total percentage of the internet users rose to 63% in 2017 from only about 9% in 2011. More and more people have access to the internet now. This phenomenon has also changed the way we work and seek jobs. 

We can work online and create content now from the comfort of our home on our own PCs bought by our parents with their hard earned money. And now you can pay them back by finding the online job suitable for you which also pays you right. There are plenty of online jobs in Nepal you can choose from that matches your qualifications and set of skills. When it comes to getting online jobs in Nepal, it's certain that you have been fed a lot of lies through different mediums. Let's get into breaking down those myths briefly, here.

For starters, a lot of online jobs that we see on a bunch of different facebook groups everyday are scam. You ought to be careful because there are a lot of gurus that are trying to sell courses by selling dreams. Another widely held misconception seems to be that online jobs are easy. Well they aren't. They aren't rocket science exactly either but there’s a lot of hard work, dedication and learning that goes into it. Also, you cannot do whatever you want, wherever you want. That would be wishful thinking. And it's not 100% stress free. First of all you need to make sure you leave no stone unturned to get online jobs in Nepal.


16 guidelines on how you can enhance your capability to get online jobs in Nepal 

  • First things first. Don't wait until your job interview to learn computer basics. Come on now. .

  • You need to be self motivated, dynamic and able to work independently
  • Start writing on topics of your choice. Essays are highly suggested. It is because as you improve with time, you will find it to be helpful in so many ways.

  • Get into web designing if that is something you are interested in. 

  • Try and develop your overall proficiency in english by reading, writing, listening and speaking the language.

  • You are expected to have excellent communication skills, both verbal and written. 

  • Give blogging a go if you aspire to be a content writer. You can monetise your creations and earn meanwhile too.

  • You can look for and start typing or a transcribing job to further enhance your skills and experience too for online jobs. 

  • Cross culturally literate people have high chances of durability on such jobs. 

  • Learn graphic designing or illustrations designing for better job prospects.

  • Online jobs demand tech savvies those that are up for learning new tools and techniques. 
  • Begin online startups. It could be online clothing shops, book sales or a resale business. One has to start somewhere, you know? 

  • Study the subjects that you know you are passionate about and can secure good marks too.

  • Make sure you have internet access and you are updated to the status of online jobs in Nepal.

  • You need to be time conscious and able to balance personal and work life. 

  • Patience and consistency is a must. 


For so many people seeking online jobs In Nepal, it seems apparent that they are looking for home based online jobs in Nepal. There are several types of home based online jobs you can find as long as you have the right knowledge and set of skills for it. 


Some of the home based jobs online jobs in Nepal 

  • Blogging/ Vlogging

  • Taking online surveys,

  •  Freelancing, 

  • Typing/Translating/Transcribing, Website Designing, Online Marketing, 

  • Teaching online courses and the list goes on.




Blogging can be more than a hobby. If you wish to earn some bucks with your writing then there are guides to monetize your content and make good money. When it comes to starting a blog you will have two choices. You can either sign up on free blogging sites or you can create your own website., Blogger and Medium are three of the best free online blogging platforms. These free blogging sites are for people who aren't particularly looking for making money with their blogs. While it is easy to set up your account for free, such blogging sites come with a lot of cons if you are someone who wants to monetize the content you produce. There are limitations on customisation and placing adverts and links. Also the platform has complete possession over your blog. And your blog URL cannot be exclusive of platform branding.

Should the drawbacks not be successful in holding you back then do sign up in one of the above mentioned three platforms. But in case you are serious about monetization and have enough patience and dedication to build traffic and a following, then creating your own blog would be the right option for you.

Creating your own website would mean that you would have complete control over customisation and design. You will have your own URL with distinctive personal branding, minus the platform attachment and can use advertisements and affiliate links however you want. Plus, there will be no risk of your blog being deleted by the platform. 

Even if you are a beginner, it should take you no longer than 20 minutes to start your website. Making of a website requires domain name, hosting, content management and design. First of all you would have to pay for domain name (URL) and then for hosting. Your website needs hosting as all do so when visitors type in your domain name the web host will provide your website. Your domain name is basically what they type in to find your website online, so choose the name that suits your brand.

Once you have registered your domain name then you move on to setting up website hosting where it has the package information. Afterwards, you pick your theme design for your new site. Meanwhile, you can verify your account and get your domain name activated. And, now you can start writing and publishing content. 

There are many ways to expand your viewers and make even more money. With great power comes great responsibility. Likewise, with great marketing comes great traffic.Using relevant to audience hashtags on your twitter posts can be an excellent way to get your content noticed. You could also share links to your blogs or your website in facebooks groups. Similarly, engaging with other pinterest users can help you grow your blog traffic. Another way to effectively get traffic to one’s site would be to comment on popular blogs in their niche. Moreover, facebook ads can help you reach a larger audience of specific demographic. 

Various opportunities align for you to seize monetization, once you have gained enough traffic for your site. Now we are getting into the most important part with how you can monetize your blog. 


How you can make money from blogging?


1. Affiliate Marketing 

Affiliate marketing is where you earn some profit for promoting a brand or a company. It is basically adding the link to their website on your blog so that your audience can click on it and make a purchase etc. 


2. Banner Advertisements

This means adding banner adverts of brands relatable to your viewers on your website. You can earn by selling spaces on your blog page to brands for banner advertisements. 


3. Sponsored Content

This works best when you have a greater number of audiences. You can reach out to brands for sponsored content creations. Once you have enough readers, brands will approach you to collaborate with them. You will get paid to write about them/their products. Plus you could add the affiliate links too.


4. Sponsored Social Media Posts 

Influencer culture has taken over social media now. You can see a whole lot of them getting paid for promoting different products of different brands. Some make a living out of it. But for this option to work you will be needing massive followers on social networking sites. 


5. Guest Blog Post 

Writing guest blog posts for companies or even other bloggers is like an exchange of promotions. They could reach out to you or you could reach out to them. It could be the crossover you never thought of but always needed. 


How to make money from vlogging?


In terms of monetization, there’s a lot of similarities between blogging and vlogging. But since vlogging majorly is about videos, there are other methods to vlogging income. 

  1. YouTube Ads 


The minimum threshold to apply for monetization is to have a domain of age 6 months to 1 years old. In youtube, the creators must have at least a thousand subscribers with a sum total of 40000 overall watch hour time on their channel within the past 12 months. Similarly, your content needs to be original, enthralling and should comply with online marketing program policies.

  1. Merchandise Sell 


A lot of vloggers and youtubers earn so much just from selling their merchandise like hoodies, makeup, tshirts, accessories and so on. You will have your own platform to promote and advertise your products which means you don't have to pay someone else to promote your stuff.

  1. Video LUTs Sell 


This essentially means selling video filters. Your followers might be interested in the color grading you have done on your videos and want to buy from you. 


Apart from these, there are affiliate sponsorships, selling presets of photos, selling youtubers and vloggers essential kits and so on. 

These above mentioned jobs can be done by sitting at your home without having to worry about the everyday traffic and travel. Some of the works can be difficult for beginners but with dedication and experience, it will get easier. Plus you can make good money off of these home based online jobs. Most jobs likely have it available for both full time and part time. And that’s even more convenient for you.


In the recent scenarios in Nepal you can notice a lot of companies with their captivating slogans profess to make you rich on their websites. And we are here to tell you that if not all, then enough of them are frauds. They will ask for money to train you or just as a sign up fee and boom you are scammed. Do not fall for them. At least not without some research beforehand but if the company that is going to employ you asks you to pay them first then you better run before thinking twice. 


Speaking of money, you could also apply your websites, blogs and vlogs for monetization as mentioned above. Should you not have the platforms, you can always get started on it. For beginners, doing keyword research is suggested. 


Then you buy domain and set up hosting. You can set up your blog website using a Content Management System (CMS), wordpress, joomla, for example. Next, you learn the basics of Search Engine optimization (SEO) and content posting on CMS. Subsequently, you would be setting up free google tools. And, you start producing articles with the right content creation strategy. 


Google Adsense, Taboola and Banner Ads from local businesses are the most used options for monetization. 


And once you are done with applying your website for monetization, there are ways to optimize it for its growth and to increase the earning as well. There is data analysis so that you can obtain very useful information from it. Identifying ranked keywords and pages along with finding the long tail keywords are the key to optimization of a website. Also, it is advised to increase the pace of your posting to not lose the audience engagement. Blogger outreach for building backlinks among relevant bloggers can be used to gain more exposure. Websites can be improved on technical aspects with the help of Technical SEO. 


One of the prominent skills you are required for the optimization of your website would be above average writing skills. Likewise, you need basic knowledge of SEO, content optimization and SEO tools such as Keyword research tool, Google Analytics, Search Console, Yoast Plugin and so on. One is expected to be familiar with Domain and Hosting on how they work. Basic comprehension of CMS: wordpress etc is necessary. And, analytical thinking is always a plus. 


Below listed are some tools and platforms you need to be familiar with for content optimization: 

  • Domain Panel

  • Cpanel

  • Keyword Research tool: Keyword Planners, Semrush, Ahrefs

  • Wordpress

  • Google Tools: Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google Trends, Google Search

  • SEO Plugins & tools. Eg:

  • Website Crawl Tool: Screaming Frog

Moving along, data entry jobs are the most searched online job types in Nepal. It is because they can be done from home and on top of that there are part time home based online data entry jobs available in Nepal. You just need to be a good typer with the ability to read and write basic English and have access to the internet connection. Then you are all set to start working on your data entry job from the comfort of your home. 


Different types of data entry online jobs in Nepal


There are regular data entry jobs such as typing, plain data entry, and cleaning of data. Similarly, there are online data entry jobs, form filling and surveys for instance. Moreover, there are micro jobs including captcha entry, copy and paste, captioning and etc. In addition to this, data formatting also is a type of data entry job and so are the transcription, converting files and content writing. 


Freelancing / Remote working (h2)  are very popular online jobs in Nepal. There are many top freelancing jobs. Some of those jobs are graphic designer, video editor, content writer, SEO specialist, virtual assistant, programmer/web developer/mobile developer, translation, data entry and so on.


In the same way, there are several top freelancing platforms. Among them are Fiverr, Toptal, Simply Hired, Aquent, Crowded, 99Designss, Nexxt, Writer Access, DesignHill, Guru, Hireable, Flexjobs and so on.


Now, in order to connect with your potential clients or just for advertising in general, freelancers should have a profile. It should consist of your services, expertise and accomplishments in details with accuracy. Your profile must exude your professionalism.


Here are some methods to building your profile steps by step: 

  • Create a genuine profile 

  • Add a professional photo

  • Add your title and Overview

  • Put on your introduction video

  • Write all of your skills 

  • Pick your experience level

  • Add education and employment history

  • Build your portfolio

  • Add your hourly rate

  • Once it's completed, link your profile to your socials and other sites

  • And now you can start applying for the project you are confident about


Moreover, you could also sell courses online if you can come up with impacting content. Once you have known your target audience, make sure they too are aware of what you would be offering and how the content you are providing is different for the better from others. Then you need to write content that evokes interest and attention and inspires conviction in your audience. Hence, selling courses online can be a great way to make money. 


Consecutively, analyzing your skills and finding profitable course ideas are also the basics of selling courses online. Engaging with your possible prospects is also highly encouraged. Furthermore, offering your courses on an easily accessible platform comes under selling courses online 101. Also, do work on improving your personal branding and reaching out on personal branding channels. 


Some of the top platforms for online selling courses are Udemy, LearnDash, Amazon (for E- books), Teachable, SkillShare, Uscreen, Podia, Thinkific, Kajabi, Opensesame, Accessally and so on.


You can find several online job portals with availability of online job vacancies for the job of your interest. Get in touch with them, do your research in abundance prior to that. And most importantly, make sure that they do not trick you into doing their job, or providing them content for free or ask you for payment in advance for registration fee or whatever. 


Given the current situation of global pandemic, the online working culture, work from home online working culture to be precise, is believed to be the only feasible option. And It has already been the case. Also, with so many students put on hold from their studies, it is certain that they are opting to find online jobs as of now. And not just students but even professionals are embracing this new way of working. 


With there being so many variations in types of online jobs, it can be overwhelming for some as to which one to go for, especially when you are inexperienced. But once you channel in that pressure and put it in figuring out what you are good at, the types of content you can create and can be even better at it, over the time, then it will be a smooth sail from that point onwards with some tides of challenges once in a while of course. Because that's where all the fun is.

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