Bhawani Rana; The Business Sensation of Nepal

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"Woman, the epitome of hard work and fealty, playing the role of mother, sister, wife, and a daughter, is a role-model in the society due to her multihued characters. Apart from the personal treadmill, women have equal rights to step ahead from the conservative bylaws of the society and spawn their identity to revamp."


Amid salutary women, Bhawani Rana is one of the most inspiring and influential women of Nepal who is the present president of FNCCI and she is the one who broke the ceiling that women can also lead the organization in a very effective model. Belonging from a non-business family and now cognized as the top business leader and entrepreneur of Nepal, Bhawani Rana is the only woman among the eight office-bearers in FNCCI currently.


After the accomplishment of school education from St. Mary’s and under-graduation degree concerning Politics as a major subject from Lucknow University, India, she had a profound interest in entrepreneurial subjects from an early age. Penetration into the garment industry bestowed her a great loss but the secluded opportunities she found from the loss, made her optimistic in her new business ventures followed by optimism. Hotel Sneha in Nepalgunj was her next business venture with her entrepreneurial and loving husband circa 2050s, with 10 rooms now proselytized into a 65-room four-star hotel inclusive investment in eco-tourism, tourism entertainment, and cable car transport expansion. 


Promoter for SAARC Chamber Craft Village, the protean and beguiling personage undertakes the responsibilities of FWEAN (Federation of Women Entrepreneurs Association Nepal), executive member of FNCCI, member of SCWEC (SAARC Chamber Women Entrepreneur Council), vice-president of SAATHI, chairman of Fortuna Group, promoter of Capital Merchant Banking and Finance Ltd, director of National Life Insurance Co. Ltd and advisor to Nepal Journalist Tourism Association, Mid/Far West Nepal.

Embellished with outstanding awards and recognitions, including the National Award from the President of Nepal on the occasion of Nepal Republican Day – May 28, 2016; National Award as ‘Outstanding Entrepreneur Contribution’ (Tourism Sector) from Ministry of Industry in March 2009; Medal from Home Ministry in 2005 for serving the flood victims of mid-west Nepal; and Recognition Awards from various national organizations and documented as one of the "Women Human Rights Defenders" in 2006, Bhawani Rana rivets on eradicate the brain drain of the country and enhancing the country’s potentiality with the mastermind youths and countrymen. 


Bhawani Rana encompasses the courage and ability to lead the women and the organization for the betterment of all. One of the most influential women of Nepal, and the admirer and beholder, Bhawani Rana is the most dynamic woman with the immense capability and power to change society.


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