Narayan Municipality, Office of Municipal Executive, Dailekh, Karnali Province

Narayan Municipality (Nepali: नारायण नगरपालिका) was established in 1997 AD as a local government of Nepal. The office of the Narayan Municipality is located in Dailekh Bazar, Dailekh district, Karnali Province of Nepal. It is an autonomous local body to controlled local resources and governed at the local level. It is 67 KM far away from the Capital City of Karnali Pradesh at Birendranagar Surkhet. It covers an area of 110.63 km² and had a population of 27037 in 2011. The lowest elevation is 820m (Chupra) and the highest elevation is 1680 (Okhabas). There are 11 wards in this municipality.

Narayan municipality is connected with Birendranagar Surkhet with a road called Dailekh road. Dailekh road meets to Ratna Highway at Birendranagar, Surkhet. There is another road connecting Dailekh to Karnali Highway via Dullu. The national capital Kathmandu is at a distance of 647.41 KM from Dailekh.

The Narayan Municipality was established on 1997 AD by merging the then Village development committees (VDC) of Narayan, Tribhuvan, Belaspur, Saraswati, and Basantamala. In 2017, Bindhyabasini, Bhawani, and Kharigaira Village development committees (VDC) were included with the former municipality.

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