Hetauda Water Supply Management Board, Hetauda, Makawanpur

The introduction of the Hetauda Drinking Water Management Board and the present situation was a common well constructed by the local people at Hetauda-2 Swarglok for drinking water. People used drinking water from the well. Later, as soon as the settlements were extended, water was arranged through pipes from the stream towards the current side of the Hetauda-3 Tribhuvan Path. Hetainda was heading towards marketing. As settlements increased, homes gradually increased and people's needs increased. From the Hetauda Drinking Water Department, in year 1, Hetauda-2 Harikunj has constructed a tank of capacity of 100,000 las. 1 bungalow 2 km away from 2 inches C.I. Water was started to bring water to the Hatida residents by bringing water through the pipe. Up to 4 years, the management of the apples provided by the drinking water department was changed by connecting the water supply and sewage drainage institute. In Harkunj, 3 lakh liters capacity tank building, office building, and 4 wells were constructed at Hetauda 2 Karra. By changing its name in the last 5 years, Nepal Water Supply Corporation was providing food service to the consumers of common Hetauda.

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