Kageshwori Mahahora Municipality, Office of Municipal Executive

Kageshwori Manohara Municipality was declared on Mangsir 16,2071 B.S. consisting of 16 wards.It was formed merging the then VDCs viz:Gothatar,Mulpani,Danchi,Bhadrabas,Aalapot and Gagalphedi.The name "Kageshwori Manohara" is named after the historic religious  kageshwori Mahadev temple located at Gagalphedi-1 . Council of ministers declared altogether 276 municipalities all over Nepal according to the Rajpatra published on 22th of Falgun,2073 B.S.Few changes were made on the wards of this  municipality also. Currently this municipality has following features:

Location: East: sankharapur Municipality, West:Kathmandu Metropolitan City and Gokarneshwor Municipality, North:Sindhupalchowk District, South:Madhyapur Thimi Municipality

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