Kakani Rural Municipality (Nepali: ककनी गाउँपालिका) was incorporated in 2017 (2073 BS) as a local government of Nepal. The headquarters of Kakani Gaupalika is located in Ranipauwa, Nuwakot district of Nepal. It was formed by merging Okharpauwa (Chauthe, Kakani, Mdanpur, and Chaturali) and Thansing VDC's.

Currently, it has divided into 7 wards. It is situated 500 Meters to 1400 Meters from the sea level. This village has a population of various ethnic and religious communities. Here is the residence of Brahmin, Territory, Gurung, Nehar, Dalit, Tamang, which is more than half the community. Most of the people believe in Hindu, Muslim, Christian, and Buddhist religion. According to its religious belief, various festivals, cultural events have been celebrated with social harmony.

This village is known as a beautiful tourist destination of Nuwakot. Here, Malla regime archaeological Durbar (Basanti Durbar), Fung Funge Waterfall, the scenes of the Himalayas have attracted the visitors' hearts. Similarly, for self-reliance in agriculture and for the development of agriculture tourism, especially Rambo Trout fish, kiwi and stripe production and marketing.

Geographical Structure of this Gaupalika:

East: Kathmandu Metropolitan City and Shivapuri Rural Municipality

West: Belkotgadhi Municipality

North: Likhu Rural Municipality

South: Dhunibesi Municipality, Dhading

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