Sainamaina Municipality, Office of Municipality Executive

"Agriculture, tourism, industry and infrastructure, well-cultured is the basis of Sainamaina Municipality"
Sainamina Municipality is located in the north-west of Rupandehi district in the 5th state of Nepal. The municipality is about 15 km apart from Lumbini, the precursor of world peace and the birthplace of the lord Gautam Buddha, on the foothills of the Manoram Chure hill. It is surrounded by Butwal Sub Metropolitican City in east, Badganga Municipality and Kapilvastu Municipality in west, Sitganga Municipality, Argakhanchi, Rainadevi, Chhara and Tinau Rural Municipality in north and Suddhodhan, Kanchan, Gaidhawaha Rural Municipality in south. Sainamaina Municipality was formed by combination of Parroraha, Dudhrachya VDCs in 25thBaishak 2071 BS (May 8 2014 AD). Again After the reconstruction of the government, the former Saljhandi VDC was combined to form a Great Sainamaina Municipality in 27th Falgun 2073 BS (March 10 2017AD). Sainamaina Municipality consists of 11 wards. The total area of Sainamaina Municipality is 162.18 km2, According to census 2068(2011 AD) it holds 55822 populations and population density is 344.2 people per square kilometer. There is the mix of all castes, languages ​​and cultures and traditions in this minucipality. Also there is a very harmonious relationship among them and respect eachothers culture, religions and traditions. Sainamana Municipality carries the historical, religious, cultural and archaeological significance and has also been declared as a one out of hundered Tourism destination of Nepal by Nepal Government in 15th kartik 2075 BS(Nov 1st 2018 AD). As the population of migrants in this municipality is increasing, the current estimated population is around 80,000. In the southern part of the municipality, majority of the tribes belong to the Tharu tribes and in the northern region there are mixed ethnicities. As a jewel of this municipality it has various historical,religious, cultural and archeological sites; historical archeological sainamaina area, Self-originated Shiva Jyotilinga Parroha Parmeshwor Bolbamdham, Malmala Temple, Malmala Chauraha Baba, Maherawadevi, Bolbum Tourism Park, various monastery buildings, Rani kuwa, Ranibagiya, Jalaiya Simsar area etc.

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