Province Government, Ministry of Physical Infrastructure Development, Transport Infrastructure Directorate, Road Infrastructure Development Office, Dang, Province No. 5

Ministry of Physical Infrastructure and Transport (MoPIT) was established in 2000 in order to bring important infrastructural development under the umbrella of a single Ministry. The main aim of organization is to harmonize the policies and bring efficiencies and effectiveness in the provision of infrastructural services.

The MoPIT is the central authority of Government of Nepal charged with the responsibilities for enhance the economic and social development of country by linking various geographical and economic regions through the national strategic transport network. MoPIT is responsible for linking rural areas of country with markets to support various economic activities and projects related with tourism, agricultural, electrical, industrial and other sectors of Nepal.  Moreover, the key role of the Ministry lies with preparing plans, policies and programs regarding development of physical infrastructures such as roadways, railways, waterways, subways, flyovers and ropeways; Transport (except Air Transport) and transit management and its operation related plans, policies and programs; its implementation; monitoring and evaluation; inspection.

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