Jobs in Nepal for English Speakers
Jobs in Nepal for English Speakers

“A candidate must have English proficiency.” This statement is not only found in every job description but is also applicable in everyday life. English may not be the first language of the people but it’s definitely a universal or global language that is spoken all over the world. Due to its applicability all around the world, there are plenty of jobs for English speakers.


English is the world’s Lingua Franca or also the common second language which is widely spoken and written in every nook and corner of this globe. The renowned Linguist, David Crystal remarked English as “a language becomes a global language because of the power of the people who speak it.’ Due to the expansion of the British Empire in the early days due to political or military factors, the influence of the English language may have been so high. Hence, there are different kinds of jobs in Nepal for English speakers who are fluent in English speaking and writing. 


Even the international journals, research papers, and articles are published in the English language. One gets an enormous opportunity to learn with the best scholars of the world if he/she is proficient in English. The best international training is provided through English medium and the potential of employees is often measured through the proficiency of English in international and national organizations. The importance of English speaking can be far more illustrated by the following points:

  • Easy to learn and high adaptability

  • The English language is Jack of all trades as the English language is applied in Science, Mathematics, Tourism, Finance, Business, and many other areas.

  • Hollywood audiences are worldwide and people vastly follow English movies.

  • English is the medium of international business.

  • The scientific, industrial, financial, and economic revolutions also created an in-depth influence of English all around the world. 


Jobs in Nepal for English Speakers


English can also be termed as the second or third language in Nepal. There are many national and international organizations situated in Nepal and the medium of communication is obviously the English language. The schools and colleges, financial institutions prefer students and people with English proficiency as it has bagged the position of global language. Teaching and training are also practiced through the English language and it can be somehow termed as good if one knows the English language.


For English speakers, there are different kinds of jobs that one can get indulge in Nepal. As English speaking has been a must in different sectors in Nepal, one must know it. The jobs that can be landed by the proficient English speakers in Nepal can be enumerated below:


1. Content Writing

Social media marketing or digital marketing have been a must in every sector whether business, academics, manufacturing, or service. People who are proficient in English who can speak or write English perfectly can land the job of content creation or writing as many small, medium, and reputed large organizations are in need of content creators/writers who are masters of the English language.


2. Marketing and Admission Officer

The people who can speak and sell the product of the organization are the ones who are responsible for the benefit of the organization. And people term those people as the established ones who can talk English and convey the information about that certain product with equipped USPs. And in the current scenario, English speakers are in high demand for the job of marketing and sales. 


3. Copywriter

One can be a professional writer for advertising and marketing if one is proficient in English speaking and writing. Copywriting is also called “Salesmanship in Print”. There are many vacancies for copywriting if one is good at speaking and writing.


4. Front Desk Officer

A front desk officer is responsible for attending to the visitors at the office, handling the calls, and starting the conversations with the people who come to the office. It has been mandatory for the candidates to have mastery in English to brag about the jobs of front desk officers.


5. Sales and Marketing Associate

Sales and Marketing are all about generating leads and revenues. One of the job descriptions of the position of Sales and Marketing Associate is proficiency in English. Those who are fluent in English speaking are hired by the organizations along with having enough skills for the position. If one does have enough skills in sales and marketing along with fluency in the English language, one can easily apply for the position.


6. English Tutor

As the English language is the first medium to communicate in the academic field from the school level, the English speakers have vast opportunities to land the jobs of English tutors at schools or tuition classes. One can earn a handsome income taking English classes as per full time and part-time too. 


7. Team Lead Chat Support

Nowadays, every website, Facebook page of the organization requires a social media handler to answer the queries of the customers. English speakers are hired by organizations that are active in handling such queries and grievances of the customers. Along with that, phone calls are attended by people who are professional in English speaking. The jobs of Team Lead Chat Support are often provided to people with more fluency in the English language.


8. Travel Consultant

There is no doubt that the people who know how to speak or write English can be a perfect fit for the post of Travel Consultant as English is the global language and people easily understand the English language. Easy guidance and information can be given to travelers in English if one is proficient in this language.


Similarly, English-speaking office administrator, lecturer, and call center jobs are widely provided to people who are good at English speaking and have enough knowledge and skills in the related field. English has been the official language in almost every part of the world. And there is also a high scope for English speakers in Nepal. 


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