Hydropower Jobs in Nepal

With the capacity of producing 83,000 megawatts of electricity, Nepal is known as the second richest country in water resources. With the ever-flowing perennial rivers, Nepal has huge potential of generating electricity along with export to other countries. With the effective government incentives, policies, and aggressive investments in the hydro sector, the industry is growing at a rapid pace and generating lots of employment opportunities in Nepal. The hydropower jobs in Nepal are plentiful as more projects are in the running phase and under construction.


For the past 10 years, the government and private sector have been investing in the hydro sector generating high returns, energy surplus, and employment opportunities for qualified people along with the locals. In this article, we will be shedding light on different types of hydropower jobs in Nepal


Hydropower Jobs in Nepal


As hydropower projects are national or international multi-dollar projects, such projects need a huge number of skilled manpower or human resources for the smooth and successful operation of such projects in the long run. Some of the major hydropower jobs in Nepal are enumerated as:

  • Surveyor


The surveyor is responsible for all the survey works of the project during the project implementation like undertaking land/topographic/hydrographic surveys like tunnels and other works along with analyzing data using maps and different kinds of software. Furthermore, he/she should also prepare maps and calculate the land requirement such as camp area, project components, etc for the project site. He/she should have a Bachelor’s degree in Survey Engineering or Geomatic Engineering.

  • Hydroelectric Plant Operator


The operator is assigned the duties of controlling and maintaining the equipment that generates electricity in the plant. Also, the responsibilities include monitoring the operations and regulating the flow of electricity out of the plant. The plant operator is required to have a degree in electrical engineering technology or a relevant field along with some technical skills. 

  • Mechanical Engineer


Generally, mechanical engineers are involved in the production, designing, operation, and maintenance of machinery in hydropower plants. The major responsibilities of a mechanical engineer include providing specifications for the design of the machinery, monitoring and evaluating mechanical equipment and system performance along providing technical assistance to prevent and resolve the technical problems of the hydropower plant aiding in the improvement of the performance of the mechanical equipment. Bachelor’s degree or master’s degree in mechanical engineering is a must.

  • Electrical Engineer


The demand for electrical engineers is much higher in hydropower plants. Generally, the electrical engineers are assigned in the Generation, Transmission, and Distribution areas. The roles and responsibilities of an electrical engineer include guiding and organizing the manufacturing, construction, installation, maintenance, support, documentation, and testing of the equipment to confirm the match between specifications, codes, and customer needs. The duties also include controlling equipment for electricity generation. Graduates in electrical engineering have high prospects.

  • Hydroelectric Plant Manager


It is the management position where the manager has to oversee the organization and the overall performance of the hydropower plant, project, and resources. He/she is also responsible for ensuring compliance with the different levels of government regulations and laws. He/she should have an advanced degree in engineering and some years of experience in the relevant field. 

  • Electricians/Technicians


There is a greater demand for electricians and technicians at the hydropower plant and comes under one of the important hydropower jobs in Nepal. They are responsible for performing tasks in the construction, maintenance, and repair of electrical equipment, machinery, and the power fixtures used at the hydropower projects.

  • Geologist/Mining Engineer


Geologists or mining engineers should be proficient at geological mapping, development of geological models, ground investigation, in-situ testing, and monitoring, etc. He/she should have accomplished academics in M.Sc Geology or B.Tech in Mining. Furthermore, he/she should know about Rock Engineering, tunnel assessments, slope stability, etc.

  • Civil/Construction Engineer


Civil or Construction Engineers are responsible for supervising the construction activities and assessing the claims exhibited by the contractors. The designing and execution of the large structures that are important for the hydropower projects fall under the works of the civil or construction engineers. Civil engineers are responsible for the repair and maintenance of all the civil structures with the boundaries of the hydropower plant. 

  • Environmental engineers


Environmental engineers also play a huge role in hydropower projects. They need to assess the region’s rain patterns and hydrologic regime for the construction of dams. Similarly, to employ the foundation technology, construction of canals, the soil quality, and profile should be determined and in these projects, environmental engineers have great professional responsibilities.

  • Hydropower Production Manager


The production manager is responsible for the planning and managing of hydropower plant upgrades along with maintaining records of hydropower plant operations, maintenance, and repairs. He/she should also develop strategies for implementing the activities for hydropower generation activities. Communicating with different people and generating and reviewing plans also fall under the work of the production manager.


Similarly, there are many hydropower jobs like assistant to site manager, measurement manager, public relations officer, etc. As the prospects of hydropower projects are rising, a huge number of human resources are in demand and they can secure their career in this sector. 


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