Rays Recruitment Pvt. Ltd. is a government-registered company licensed by the ministery of labor & transport management of Nepal. The company established in 2008 Licenses No. 787/065/066. The company is specialized in poverty recruitment consultancy services to various foreign reputed organizations employ Nepalese manpower. The company's efficient management consists of highly qualified and long experienced founder director himself with support of well-known and experienced office staff is our main feature. Rays Recruitment Pvt. Ltd. has always been able to provide a professional, comprehensive and quality recruitment service to its clients, which helped us to reach the very pinnacle of success and undisputed career in Recruitment services in Nepal. This is how we have been able to keep our business client for a long period of time some of them are for more than one decade long especially from gulf countries. The secret behind such success, we think is our professionalism.

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