The Orchid Overseas Pvt. Ltd. has been formally established in Nepal with the view to helping the process of nation-building in broad perspectives. It is a manpower recruiting company registered with the Ministry of Industry and Ministry of Labor, Nepal Government.

We are proud of our very experienced and highly professional personnel and are trying to be one of the leading manpower recruiting agencies in Nepal.
We have a clear objective to help the government of Nepal in diagnosing the root causes of growing unemployment problems and addressing those by exploring massive employment opportunities abroad for a large number of unemployed Nepalese people.

We provide job opportunities for skilled as well as semi-skilled manpower by adopting several methods of improving the worker's skills as demanded by overseas employers via the establishment of a number of the vocational training institutes, trade testing institutes and so on.
Due to our quality and genuine services, we are still reining ourselves among the 200 agencies in Nepal and have been supplying manpower throughout the world.

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