Nepal eye hospital is the first hospital in Nepal dedicated to eye care service established in the year 1973. Before the establishment of this historical hospital, eye service was available at Bir Hospital as the government-owned general hospital with the few beds provided by the Government of Nepal. Realizing the urgency to make a separate eye hospital, Nepal Eye Hospital was legally established in March 1973 with active initiation of Dr. Ram Prasad Pokharel the icon ophthalmologist and other like-minded distinguished personalities. Since its establishment the Government of Nepal, Ministry of Health and Population has been continually providing financial assistance to the hospital and other staffs including ophthalmologists once working at the Ophthalmology department of the Bir Hospital has been transferred to the Hospital, hence referring Nepal Eye Hospital as the only government-authorized eye hospital in the country. The hospital has seen phenomenal growth over the four decades, with an establishment of its own technologically well equipped modern facilities designed along the lines of finest eye hospitals in the region with assistance from various national and international agencies and Japan being the first one. With its six operation theatres and most modern eye care equipment, the hospital provides service in an average of over 400 patients every day. The hospital has a team of 14 highly qualified dedicated doctors representing all ophthalmic sub-specialties at present.

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IT System Engineer

ISE-3441-20 Source: Gorkhapatra 389
Opening Date: 2020-11-06 To 2020-11-22 Full Time Job Type: Newspaper job


A-5912-21 Source: 145
Opening Date: 2021-02-14 To 2021-02-28 Full Time Job Type: Newspaper job


O-6966-21 Source: Gorkhapatra 106
Opening Date: 2021-06-27 To 2021-07-12 Full Time Job Type: Newspaper job


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Opening Date: 2021-07-12 To 2021-07-18 Full Time Job Type: Newspaper job

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