Nepal International Overseas Pvt. Ltd. Is a professional overseas manpower supplier from Nepal. With its strong database of workers of various categories, it is capable of providing manpower services ranging from consultancy to turnkey projects.

Duly registered and licensed by Nepal Government and situated in Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal, we are one of the professionally managed manpower organizations in Nepal.

Globalization and Global Market

Countries are becoming increasingly interconnected by economic forces, particularly through greater openness to international trade and rapidly rising capital flows. The movement of workers across national boundaries is growing. Workers in any country, however, are indirectly connected to other workers through the effects of increased integration of trade and capital. Globalization is an umbrella series of socio-economic, technological, cultural and political integration.

Market possibilities for productions and services are beginning to have virtually no boundaries. Among other components, human resources have also broken geographical boundaries. Cost-effective labor market is being constantly explored. Nepal, being a developing nation, is, therefore, a prime source of cost-effective labor in the Asian market.

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