In the stiff competitive market among the numerous Manpower Recruiting Agencies in Nepal,we have established as one of the leading Manpower Recruiting Agencies with a long series of experience and aptitude to select the right man in the right place and supplying them abroad in right time. Meridian Manpower Service Pvt. Ltd.  License No. 698/063/064 .

 as a trustworthy manpower recruiting agency, has been established under the company Act 2053 Government of Nepal.

However, the agency (Organization) is newly established, we (its founders) have been reinforced by long experience as employee from all over the Gulf countries like K.S.A., UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, as well as Malaysia. After having an experience from abroad we (its founders) have been supplying manpower for more than 10 years for all over the Gulf countries.

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