Innovative Human Resource Development (IHRD) Pvt. Ltd., an International manpower agency is one of the pioneers in manpower recruiting is set up with the core belief offering a true customer-focused solution in the field of Human resource recruiting business with a team of highly dedicated and experienced employees backed with ultra-modern resources and centrally located workplace at Kopundole, Lalitpur, Nepal we have been able to establish a brand in the manpower market in Nepal.
IHRD-Nepal has distinguished itself by having successfully deployed more than 10000 unskilled, semi-skilled, skilled personnel to the Gulf country.

IHRD-Nepal, the objectives of its to enable Nepali citizens to earn a decent living in foreign counties and to contribute to the country’s economy by way of dollar remittance through migrant workers and help solve the problem of unemployment. The primary purpose is to supply all categories of human resources in the shortest period of time.


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