Corporate Social Responsibility is a key component of Himalayan Job Explorer. The company has established itself for promoting and participating in developmental activities in rural areas. It has been involved in awareness programs conducted by various organizations in villages. The company also looks into the problems faced by the migrants as their own and reaches out to their families in case of mishaps, by providing funds and education for their children. Further, Himalayan Job Explorer has been providing loans to the workers who cannot afford the transition on their own.
Mr. Madan Mahat, the Chairman of the company is the District Area Coordinator and an active member of Lions Club. Through the club, Mr. Mahat has organized various social service programs such as eye check-up camps, awareness programs, relief programs, blood donation programs, helped establish health posts and schools in rural areas. He is also a life time member of Human Rights and Peace Society Nepal, board of member of Nepal Printers and Traders Co-operative limited and the Treasurer of the Western Development Region Association. The association has been able to conduct charitable events such as free health check-ups and blood donations. In addition to this, the Managing Director of the company, Mr. Bhaskar Panta, is also an active member of the Lions Club.

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