Greetings and Welcome to corporate website of Friendship Manpower Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. !

We hope this portal gives you to learn more about us to know our global services, performance and sustainability initiatives.

We are RBA 6.0 (Responsible Business Alliance) trained and ISO certified Human Resource Recruiting Agency in Nepal, have been recruiting and placing Unskill, Semi-skill, Skill and managerial human resources in gulf, Middle East, Malaysia and other countries since 2003 spontaneously.

Our main vision is to provide employment opportunities to Nepalese on various capacities around the world and play catalystic role in between Employer and Employee to seek the best companies & assist to place right people for the right job at right time in a right place.

While outlook for few years in Nepal, remains as challenging as the year before, though it has not slowed us down. So, FMC team has been working diligently to ensure existing business remain strong while keeping development of new projects on track. No matter how tough or challenging may be, we are leading to deliver the best performance to our valued clients.

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