Baibhav Overseas Pvt. Ltd., is one of the top employment agency in Nepal, duly accredited by, Department of Labor & Transport Management, Ministry of Nepal. We are currently engaged and committed in supplying unskilled, skilled and semi-skilled professionals in Asia, Europe, and in the Gulf Region. It is an organization backed by two decades of result-driven recruitment expertise in off-shore manpower recruitment solution. When it comes to outsourced staffing requisites, none other can render customized solutions like we can. This explains why the world leading corporations have turned to us, time and again for their skilled, qualified and experienced personnel requirements.

As we say it, DEMAND IT, and WE WILL SUPPLY IT! We could absolutely provide workers based on the clients’ qualifications and standards. Along with, our clients will also be assured of services and processing at par with world-class standards. Our company is managed by professionals who are highly-experienced in Human Resource Management & Development, International Recruitment, and Labor Relations, so we know exactly how to address the needs, wants, demands, and problems of our overseas clients. 

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