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Online Classes with the Best Instructor

Our online classroom platform covers a wide range of courses devised specially for the students from the different horizons. You can discover the profile of each instructor in detail who will help you out to instruct the course precisely. Students can now easily discover the available courses that they like to sharpen their knowledge and skills more broadly.

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  • Q1. What is online classroom?

    Online tutoring is the practice that emulates what can be done in in-person tutorials, adding flexibility in location and scheduling. Online classroom makes use of live video and audio-conferencing software as well as an interactive online tools and functions like whiteboard, chat, screen sharing/recording etc. to create engaging and enriching sessions.

  • Q2. How effective an online classroom system can be?

    Most students new to online classroom immediately feel enthusiastic and engaged through media which are familiar to them. Instructing via video interactive medias shared in real time with the instructor encourages students to focus and work hard whilst enjoying what they do, and hence develop an excellent attitude towards learning. There is certainly no compromise in online lessons version in-person lessons.

  • Q3. How does an online classroom work?
    1. Explore, Register & Meet Tutor to Grow

      Simply head over to our Rolling Nexus site and explore the various courses and instructors’ profile as per your need, you can search for profile and popular courses via our different search and filter functions just for your ease and comfort

    2. Learn

      Get live 1-on-1 or 1- to- many virtual classroom via our cutting-edge online classroom platform. Use a virtual whiteboard, audio/video chat, screen sharing, text editor and much more.

    3. Review

      After the lesson is completed, students have the opportunity to rate their instructor considering their overall experience with their instructor.

  • Q4. What are the advantages of online classroom?

    It offers more flexibility over a usual classroom. Instructor can deliver the instructions to a geographically dispersed audience/students at one time. Both the instructors and learners have rich experience of collaborating with other learners and instructors from around the globe. The attendance is automatically tracked. Moreover, online collaboration typically incorporates more communication tools and functions, such as chat, open discussion boards, voice/video calling, multimedia content etc.

  • Q5. What type of online tutoring platform does instructor use?

    Instructor uses a customized state-of-the-art online platform. Our tutoring platform is start-of-the-art with video and voice chat, instant messaging, document uploads and a shared whiteboard varied with the world’s leading online platform of Agora’s SD-RTN™ which is the most advanced real-time engagement network. The instructor and student can see and hear each other as if they are in the same room — they can upload various assignments, raise instant queries, lesson notes and write on the same shared whiteboard — thereby making it easier to collaborate and learn online.

  • Q6. Is the online classroom platform being user friendly?

    Yes, our online classroom platform or software works on any browser and also work on both tablet and mobile devices.

  • Q7. How many people can join on any particular classroom?

    There is no limit on how many people can join the same classroom at a time. However, it depends upon the instructors and their course that how many students they will allow to run the class considering the viability of the course.

  • Q8. Do I need to install anything to use online classroom platform?

    Besides a web browser and our official app- Rolling Nexus, our online classroom platform doesn’t need any additional software to be installed.

  • Q9. Do I need a webcam and/or a microphone to use the online classroom platform?

    If you want to make use of the live video calling feature, you will need both a webcam/camera and microphone. These come standard with most modern smart phones, tablets, and laptops. If you don’t have a webcam but still have a microphone, the video calling still works, just without the video part. All other features of our tutoring platform will continue to work without a webcam or microphone.

  • Q10. Is the headphone with microphone necessary?

    The use of headphones with a microphone greatly improves the audio communication. So, we recommend to use headphone while you are in classroom for better clarity and communication.

  • Q11. Are students distracted by the use of electronic media in an online lesson?

    In the vast majority of cases, quite the contrary. The use of an interactive whiteboard in real time on a computer screen enhances the quality of the tutoring/learning experience, whilst increasing the student’s attention on the content of the lesson. Even with students who have otherwise shown reluctance, online learning takes students deeper into academic subjects more quickly.

  • Q12. How can Instructors have benefitted from online tutoring?

    A whiteboard provides tutors with a platform for planning and preparing lessons with pre-uploaded material in the tutor’s own library. Having their material in electronic form makes it much easier to record what’s happened in each lesson and share this with the student.

  • Q13. Besides individual instructor, is there any additional platform where even organization can also run classroom via their pertinent pool of instructors?

    Notwithstanding, we have made live the same core function for the institution/s who are willing to thrive the skills and knowledge of the students at their best level. Institution here online classroom will have the facility of management function for instructors and students, where teacher can assign the group of instructors as per the segment and volume of the students.

  • Q14. What happen if I get disconnected from online classroom?

    Problems with online tutoring sessions have rare if the internet connections or power supply have improved. For those occasional instances when the internet connection does drop, then there is no need to worry as we have the session recording functionalities where you can access it anytime from anywhere via internet connection. We strongly suggest both the teacher and students to use laptop/mobile having a good battery backup for the effective and continues online classes.

  • Q15. Is there any refund policy, if we have already subscribed the paid course?

    No, all the transaction is live and transparent, so we strongly suggest the users to check the courses and teachers’ profile thoroughly and select the best one that would be appropriate for you, before you make any payment for the courses.

  • Q16. What are the differences between traditional and online classroom?

    Here are the differences:

    Traditional Classroom Online Classroom
    Teaching limited to and within the classroom. Teaching from anywhere is possible.
    Teachers have to follow the same process for every student batch. More work hours are spent on repetitive tasks. You can automate a major part of the process. Also, the students can go over the class recordings to reinforce classroom learnings.
    The use of learning technologies is limited in the traditional classroom. There’s no limit on the number of technologies and the way they can be used in an online classroom.
    The costs incurred on infrastructure, travel and learning material are high. The costs of infrastructure, travel and learning materials comparatively down to a minimum.
  • Q17. How is the material available online?

    Once a student is in their course site, they can access lectures, PowerPoint, emails, assignments, documents, videos, links, discussion boards, etc. as provided by the instructor.

  • Q18. How are online classes graded by the instructor?

    Online courses are graded just like classroom courses. Instructor/s may practice standard assignments which includes reading the course text and additional materials, online/offline test, active participation in online discussions, quizzes, etc. where teacher may rate or gives you a certain score after the completion of test assigned by the instructor.

  • Q19. Can I go on vacation while taking an online class?

    Yes, you can, but we don’t recommend you to do so because online classes require regular logins and have to complete the assignment submission task. Students must ensure that they will attend the class which they have chosen as you won’t be able to resume your class from where you took a break.

  • Q20. What happen if I get disconnected due to internet or electricity cut off when I’m taking the online class?

    If you encounter any issue while taking your online class, your online class’ time cannot be carried forward as the instructor might get booked by another user/s for online classroom. So, we strongly recommend you to join your online class form your smartphone device so that you can have both the power back up and mobile data option which you can use whenever you need it.

  • Q21. What happen if I get disconnected due to internet or electricity cut off issue from instructor’s side, when I’m taking my online class?

    If the issue occurred from instructor’s side, instructor/s will manage for the remaining time of the online class by him/herself and you’ll be informed by instructors shortly about the continuity of the session.

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