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Accounting / Audit

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What is a traineeship?
A traineeship gives you real work experience with real responsibilities for a specified period of time. You will follow an intensive training program in your field, so you must be a highly motivated and hardworking person in order to qualify. Traineeships are usually between 12 and 18 months, however shorter programs are also available from 5 months on.

Why Traineeship Program

A Traineeship can be part-time or full-time, and it will provide students with hands-on experience in your chosen industry. Some Traineeship need some administrative work, although it is usually less than half of your obligations. Traineeships often have qualifications and preferences, much like job applications. It’s Basically a process if hiring the Trainee for our companies to give them hands-on experience on the relevant field.

Human Resource is essential to corporate governance. Great HR teams multiply the effectiveness of the most valuable resources- Manpower/People. An Educational Sector should invest their interest in the real-life experiences of their Grad Students. The reason for the Importance is countless, and they vary depending on where in a company organization our students Fall.
Here are some of the vital scope of work for the Traineeship Program at Rolling Plans Pvt. Ltd:

  • Human Resources (HR)

  • Marketing / Communications

  • Graphic design

  • Media & Entertainment

  • Event Management

  • Business / Management

  • Finance / Accounting

  • Facility Management

  • Logistics / Distribution

  • IT / Computer


Job Specification

Process of Traineeship Program

Eligibility criteria
Applicants who have finished their Bachelors’/Masters’ Degree course work, as well as successfully passed their first or second-semester test, and are preparing a research project linked to their Bachelors’/Master's Degree, are eligible to apply

Evaluation & Selection Process
The Rolling Plans Traineeship Management Committee's Evaluation Committee assures openness and impartiality in the selection process. Before granting the fellowships, the assessment committee evaluates the proposals and conducts a final examination of the applicants. Female students, as well as those from ethnic minority groups, underprivileged groups, and distant locations, are given preference.

Documents Required for Traineeship Application

  • Traineeship application form. (ERA- Rolling

  • A formal recommendation letter from the applicant's supervisor/guide, Teacher, principal, etc.

  • CV of the applicant,

  • Documents relating to alternative forms of partial support, if any exist.

Duration of the Traineeship
The Traineeship Program is proposed to be approximately 336hrs or 9 working weeks which would be properly executed by the Traineeship Supervisors at Rolling Plans Pvt. Ltd. Below is the weekly work chart.


All applications must be submitted through online system. Applicant should register and signup to apply this vacancy. The system will send you an email for your email validation, please check your email for validation and follow the instruction for further process to go-ahead for applying job.
Getting started
You must duly fill all the asterisked (*) field to apply for job requirement. This includes filling in personal information, education, experience, languages, skills and other information as required. You may fill/ answer few answer of some specific questions asked by the system for some job positions. Make sure that the application for a specific vacancy is submitted before the closing date.
Submitting an application
Once you read all the requirements for the job position, you can apply to specific vacancy. Please make sure that you only apply to position. At this point, you may be asked to fill your name, valid email address and your contact cell number to upload documents relevant to a particular vacancy. Once you are done, click the ‘Submit application’ button. (This section may not apply for some job positions)
Some of the job positions are re-direct to main employer for application submission.
Recruitment process
Once the vacancy announcement posting has passed, the applications are thoroughly reviewed and processing for shortlisting. If you are shortlisted you may be invited for an assessment. The hiring unit will contact you if that is the case through Email and/or SMS and/or Telephone for further selection process.
The assessments vary depending of the specific function, however it will often start with a technical assessment/s followed by a competency based interview.

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