Nepal Cancer Hospital and Research Center (NCHRC) Pvt. Ltd.  is the first ever effort from the private sector, established to provide the highest quality of state-of-the-art treatment and excellent care to the patients and their families from all around the globe. The hospital has a dedicated multidisciplinary team of cancer specialists offering affordable, safe, innovative and compassionate care to cancer patients. In addition to the latest innovative treatments and state-of-the-art equipment, the hospital goes beyond just medicine and opens access to alternative medicine as well.

The hospital has a multidisciplinary department that takes care of all types of cancer and cancer patients in the holistic approach under one roof. The hospital will contribute to reduce the burden of cancer, increase survival and improve the quality of life of the patients and families; thus, emphasis has been given to preventive and palliative oncology.

The hospital has been established in an association with the Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute and Research Center (RGCIRC), one of the best cancer hospital in New Delhi, India. RGCIRC provides support in both technical and non-technical areas.

Nepal cancer Hospital and Research Center is located in Harisiddhi, Lalitpur, Nepal within 24 ropani land. The construction of the hospital has been divided into two phases. The completed phase I hospital has 85 beds and is in 50000 sq.ft.  The Phase II of the hospital will be built within 3 years of the opening of the phase I hospital which will be in 100,000 sq.ft. and will have 120 beds. The phase II hospital will be further extended to 300 beds in future.

Why Nepal Cancer Hospital & Research Center for Cancer Care?

Today, more than half of all patients diagnosed with cancer can be cured, and many others will live long, meaningful lives even with their disease. But getting the correct diagnosis and the most appropriate treatment right from the start is crucial.

At Nepal Cancer Hospital and Research Center, our sole focus is cancer. Our doctors have unparalleled expertisee in diagnosing and treating all types of cancer, and we use the latest technology and the most innovative, advanced therapies to increase the chances of a cure. The close collaboration between our doctors offers patients best available treatment options.

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