Susankya Tech is a software company based in Nepal with highly experienced and like-minded experts focusing on real-world problems, implementing the best solutions to simplify day-to-day life. Over the last years, it has been successful in establishing a client network of more than 500 clients with a growth rate of over 200% in the last year alone. 

Though it started unofficially with only a team of 4 back in 2014, it was officially registered in 2016. Susankya Tech has been operating in Kathmandu, Nepal since then with a team that is 30+ strong. With its current office at Kupondole, Lalitpur, it hosts quite a number of commercial products. Susankya Tech specializes in different growing fields of Nepal such as e-commerce, modern education and management systems. 

With a strong and young team of experts, Susankya Tech aims to solve real-world problems and develop each field of Nepal. As technology has played one of the biggest roles in changing the world in the 21st century, Susankya Tech hopes to also contribute to Nepal with its own technological endeavors and hardships. 

Susankya Tech has published over 150 apps on Play Store and App Store altogether which have grossed more than 150,000 downloads. It’s also a leading service provider to many education consultancies all over Nepal with innovative products such as Consultancy Manager (CMST) and Online Vibrant.



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