What is mock test? When do you conduct it and how can I get the information?

Mock test is a term that is widely heard during your school and college days. The test results do not affect your actual grade however lots of emphasis and value are associated with the test.


What is a mock test?

A mock test is referred to as the practice test which is taken before the actual exam to check your level of preparation. The question structure in such tests are designed to be identical to the actual upcoming exam. 


The questions in a mock test are similar to the actual exam and are marked similarly to the exam. In most cases, a mock test is conducted from a few weeks before the actual exam to help the student get a clear picture of the exam and the question structure. 


In simple words, a mock test is an exam where the marks do not count as an actual grade however, it helps teachers to set a guide for the exam and students can practice for upcoming future exams. Mock tests are conducted everywhere from tuition centers, colleges, classes to private home tuitions. 


Mock test for better results


All educational institutions place a very high value on mock tests. The students are pressured to get high grades on mock tests as well. Many tutors conduct extra classes and adjust the teaching schedule based on the performance of the students in the mock tests. Here is why taking a mock test will help you get a better grade in your examinations:

  • A mock test will help you evaluate and analyze your current level of preparation.

  • A mock test will help you evaluate your performance.

  • A mock test will help you manage your time in the actual exam.

  • A mock test will help you plan your solutions.

  • A mock exam will help you clear your doubts regarding exams.

  • Increased confidence and reassurance. 

  • Mock tests help you revise the entire syllabus. 

Mock test using Rolling CAT

One of the domains of the Rolling nexus, the Rolling CAT (Computer Adaptive Test) is one of the best platforms to take a mock test if you are a student studying by themselves. The tests are created by qualified professionals who work with the Rolling team to create mock tests just for you. 


The mock tests are carefully designed to help you work on your timing, formulas, and core concepts of many popular exams. 

You can take a mock test through Rolling CAT by downloading the Rolling nexus app or you can also simply surf the website here. https://rollingnexus.com/tests


Rolling CAT also offers many skill tests and exam preparatory tests as well. There are a total of 6 types of tests that are facilitated by the Rolling CAT:

  1. Rolling test

  2. Mock test

  3. Skill test

  4. Domain test

  5. Entrance preparatory test

  6. Typing test


Mock tests are a very important part of exam preparation. You can never be fully confident when you sit for an exam if you have not appeared for at least one mock test prior; and when you are not fully confident in your preparation, you may be stressed which may cause a decline in your actual grade as well. 


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