Rolling Nexus Motivation Session with Mr. Anup Jangam

Rolling Job, Nepal's premium job portal conducted a free ‘’Success Formula by Anup Jangam, Rolling Job Motivation Session’’ as a part of its 5 Weeks Rolling Nexus Employment and Entrepreneurship Skill Development Program


Rolling Job has launched the Rolling Nexus Employment and Entrepreneurship Skill Development Program for the entire month of May 2021. The curriculum is designed to assist students, freshers, job seekers, and career seekers in preparing and motivating for jobs and entrepreneurship opportunities both within and outside Nepal. The curriculum includes a free resume writing course, a customer service capability workshop, and a digital marketing workshop, as well as a webinar on topics such as HR Youth Leadership in Nepal, Prospects and Challenges for Consulting Firms in Nepal, and so on.


Pravash Rai, Head of HR for Rolling Plans began the session by welcoming all the participants. He then introduced the facilitator of the session Mr Anup Jangam, executive chairman of Rolling Group of Companies who has provided employment opportunities to more than a thousand people. Mr Jangam works in the field of four Es - employment, entrepreneurship, empowerment and engagement


The session was scheduled to be an hour and a half long. There were around 75 participants at the beginning of the session and the number kept on growing as the session progressed. The host also told the participants that they will receive an email with key takeaways from the session along with other helpful resources afterwards. 


Then, Mr Rai, the host handed the session over to the facilitator. Mr Jangam took over by sharing his interests such as interacting with new people, being a passion-preneur and so on. He was excited to see the crowd full of young and vibrant people. Mr Jangam added that he has brought the learning from his own life forward to the session. He then requested the participants to listen, take notes and internalise the new things they learn during the session. 


After that, the facilitator conducted a survey that was about understanding one’s psychology in regards to leaving the session with or without internalising the things they have learned. He further added that he plans to change the mindset a little bit for the better of the participants with this motivation session as every other coach intends to do.


Moving on, the facilitator talked about success. He asked the participants who they consider as successful people. The chat box flooded with the names like Elon Musk, Anuradha Koirala, Michelle Obama and more. 

Mr Jangam then went on to tell what successful means and elaborate on what each letter stands for. 




S - Success lies within you. The majority of things in life are dependent on your reaction to the situation. Be aware of that. Success is not just fame and wealth. It’s something internal. Success does not mean you’ll be happy. 


U - Uncover your happiness. Never postpone what makes you happy. Live in the moment. Happiness is success. It’s within you. 


C - Chart goals. When you meet and accomplish goals. You need to set a destination/goal to follow a direction. Set SMART goals. Special, make list, Adore, Relationships, Timelessness.


C - Clear obstacles. Get out of your psychological conditioning. How you react to hardships determines the result. Grow through what you go through. Don’t stress about things that you can’t control. Do your part, put in your full effort and let it be. 


E - Ease out your goals. Make a plan to make the attainment of your goal easy. Focus on your goals only without being distracted. Be determined to achieve your goals. Learn from other’s mistakes as well. Only see what you want and you’ll achieve it.


S - Secure Positive. Don’t focus on what’s wrong or your flaws. Focus on your strengths and practice positivity. A positive outlook gives you the strength to fight through obstacles. Everything happens for good. 


S - Secure time/Accountability. Your life is your making. Start taking responsibility. Take time to sanitize yourself. Look within yourself in hard situations. Introspect; self reflect. The problem lies within you. Look deeper. 


F - Face your fears. Courage is not the absence of fear. It is the ability to face your fears. 


U - Upgrade your value. You are your competition. Be better than what you were yesterday.


L - Listen to yourself. Unleash your inner strength. Don’t listen to other people’s opinions. Believe in your abilities. Have faith in yourself. Don’t let others govern you. 


During the session, the facilitator was determined in conveying the message to look at success from a spiritual angle and not materialism. He said that while pursuing success we are only looking forward to long term goals and in doing so people tend to postpone the happiness of today. While long term goals are important, Mr Jangam added that it is also necessary that you are happy in the present. He then shared a beautiful motivational story of a fisherman that highlighted the essence of happiness and how being happy in the present is significant. It is indeed true that happiness can be a success while success does not guarantee happiness. 


The facilitator said that us humans have slowly moved on to becoming human doing from human being because of various types of conditioning. And this has also resulted in us forgetting the little things that truly make us happy. Next, Mr Jangam went on to share Pavlov's experiment on classical conditioning as an example. He said that we should try to avoid psychological and societal conditioning in our pursuit of true success which is happiness. 


The facilitator wanted the participants to realise that they should not worry too much about success. Instead, they should focus on making more and stressing less. He said that everyone should look for a newer version of themselves since most of us are always on the chase of newer versions of gadgets and vehicles only. 


He revealed the identity of Harshafal and said that it's everyone who wants to work hard and achieve success. He requested all the participants to try the things they learned today. Before the session concluded, Mr Jangam asked the participants to close their eyes and internalise some motivational quotes that he shared meanwhile. 


Then, the host took over and requested the participants to put their questions forward. The participants thanked the organizers for such a wonderful and inspiring session. And, the facilitator answered the questions of the participants and the host thanked everyone, promised on bringing such value-adding programs in days to come as well and declared the end of the motivational session. 


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