Rolling Nexus : Best Job Platform for Recruiters

Rolling Nexus is Nepal’s first commercial social networking site developed by Rolling Plans Private Limited to provide a “network of new possibilities” to the people all over Nepal. 


Rolling Nexus aims to connect and accelerate the established connections among the individuals and businesses to consumers, constituting components like jobs, tenders, freelance, events, discussion forums, offers, and skill assessment and enhancement activities.



Rolling Nexus: Best job platform for recruiters 


About Rolling Nexus


Mission Statement: 


“To support institutional & human capital development with strategic as well as innovative technology-enabled operational solutions maintaining the highest level of socio-ethical standards.”


Rolling Nexus is a professional networking site developed by Rolling Plans Pvt Ltd which is the best platform for job recruitment in Nepal. The platform helps to connect seekers with jobs, freelance, events, discussion forums and other skill assessment and enhancement activities. It also acts as an escort to help people build their careers by enabling them to connect with various opportunities and building public relations. 


Vision of the company:


"Our vision is to touch every walk of life through technology-enabled professional networking for Organizational Development, Human Capital & Employment Creation.”


Choosing Rolling Nexus as a recruiter: 


Being undoubtedly the best job platform for recruiters, Rolling Nexus is associated with the following perks as a choice for human resources. 


  • Customer satisfaction is the priority of the company. 


  • We understand your need for human resource and provide you with the best manpower available in the market


  • We ensure the easiest recruitment process as the online application and our system makes it easier to sort and choose from all the options. 


  • Our platform is the go to service for a job seeker and therefore, more often than not, you will find exactly the employee you are looking for. 


Different domains of Rolling Nexus


Rolling Job


Since Rolling Plans has been a top pick by the companies and organizations for recruitment services, Rolling Job performs as a bridge between employers and job-seekers.


Key Features
  • Job Opportunities for Job Seekers in over 40 categories 

  • Recruitment Management System for Detailed Reports & Analytics tailored towards the recruiters comfort

  • An automated two-way Communication channel between Employer/recruiter  and Job Seeker

  • Job recruiters can easily navigate and find the type of employees they are looking for with the desired skill set. 


Rolling Nexus also extends its branches on various domains other than rolling jobs providing a range of services related to any field of work.


Rolling Tender


Rolling Tender is the procurement management system for all types of business requirements in Nepal. The platform is created and designed to meet the needs of suppliers and buyers in the businesses. 


Key Features
  • Privacy ensured: Quick setup through Website with Secure & Authentic Users

  • Less time consuming: Saves Time of Publication & Distribution of Tender Documents

  • Up to date and reliable system: Full Functioning, Control and Responsive System for both Suppliers & Purchasers

  • Recruiters can choose and explore a range of option while focusing on business development and growth. 


Rolling Freelance


Rolling freelance is a platform dedicated to serve the recruiters in need of freelance workers and to provide freelancers with employment opportunities. 


Key Features
  • Easy and beginner-friendly registration procedure

  • Online Platform for easy, efficient and professional hiring process

  • A pool of Freelancers with Right Skill Set in above 30 Functional Categories for the recruiters 

  • Notification services post-registration in case of a new freelancer or recruiter

  • Recruiters can pick the most desirable candidate among all the freelancers with the added benefit of work ethic and enthusiasm.


Rolling Event


Rolling event is a platform generated by rolling nexus in order to help companies and businesses expand their digital reach for participating and organizing events. The platform helps the companies reach a wider range of audiences equipped with sub modules like information desk and enroll. 


Key Features
  • Regular event updates and professional online counseling services

  • One go to platform for all virtual events

  • Virtual/Online classrooms and exhibitions 

  • Tasks like booking appointments, halls for events, etc made easier via rolling events.

  • Recruiters of event management companies as well as general ones looking for project managers and digits marketers will have the access to right human resources.


How to apply?


Here are some practical guidelines on how to apply for recruitment services at Rolling Nexus for various job/employment opportunities.


  • Create an account: You will first have to create an account by going to the official website and clicking on the top left corner to log in/Sign up.

  • The website will then display you the list of categories and job vacancies that you can explore with full access.

  • Once you have selected a job that you're interested in, apply for the job vacancy before the due date.

  • A system-generated email will be sent to the email address used to register for validating and the system will be asking you to submit an online application. 

  • You must fill all the boxes in the application form marked (*) on the side.

  • After you are done, click the submit button.


The recruiters will then review all the applications submitted before the due date and if you make it past the application round, you will get a call for an interview!


Guidelines for job seekers and recruiters


General Code Of Conduct: 


  • Maintain a moral and ethical code of conduct and act professional.


  • Remain respectful at all times.


  • Faking skillsets or experiences is not acceptable.


  • In case of any misunderstandings or queries opt for an efficient communication method with the company. 


Code of conduct for recruiters:


  • Employees are to be provided with regular timely payments 


  • New employees must be provided with the required guidance and help them adapt. 


  • Employees should not be overworked or assigned tasks that do not fall under their job position.


  • The overall recruitment strategy should be carefully designed to ensure an efficient and professional work environment for both parties; employers and employees.


Code of Conduct for employees: 


  • Tardiness should not be a common theme in the workplace. 


  • The tasks assigned should be submitted before the due date.


  • Remain respectful towards the team and act professionally.


  • Dress code: All employees should be dressed professionally. 


  • Refrain from using social media and entertainment during work hours. 


List of job categories in Rolling Nexus


  • Accounting/ Audit

  • Administrative/ Clerical

  • Agriculture/ Forestry

  • Architecture/ Interior design

  • Banks/ Insurance/ Finance

  • Business Development 

  • Cleaning

  • Commercial/ Logistics/ Supply chain

  • Communications and public affairs

  • Construction skilled staff

  • Construction/ Engineering 

  • Consulting 

  • Creative/ Graphic Design 

  • Customer relation/ Public Relations 

  • Development sector

  • Domestic help

  • Driving 

  • Engineer

  • Entertainment 

  • Factory worker

  • Fashion/ Textile designing

  • Food andBeverage / FMCG

  • General management/ Operations 

  • Healthcare/ Pharmaceuticals/ Medicals

  • Helper/ Labour

  • Hospitality

  • Hotel staff

  • Human Resource/ Organization development 

  • Hydro

  • Information Technology (IT)

  • Media/ Editor/ Journalism

  • Legal Services 

  • Management 

  • Marketing/ Sales/ Advertising 

  • Merchandising/ Retail/ Purchasing 

  • Procurements/ General Services 

  • Production/ Maintenance/ Quality

  • Programming/ Database 

  • Security Services 

  • Quality/ Business Analyst 

  • Real Estate 

  • Research and Development 

  • Restaurant/Cafe staff

  • Sales

  • Secretarial / Front desk receptionist 

  • Senior Management 

  • Sports

  • Support staff

  • Teaching/ Education 

  • Technical 

  • Telecommunications 


From house to the office, streets to hotels, Rolling Nexus aims to connect job seekers with recruiters on any domain imaginable while ensuring optimum customer satisfaction. 


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