My Second Home and Family where I Love to Work and Thrive

There is a popular quote enunciating “Families are the branches on a tree. We grow in different directions yet our roots are one.” The selfless culture of sharing and caring dwells in the family where there is love and affection. And Januka Budhathoki shares the same about Rolling Plans Pvt. Ltd (RPPL) is her inseparable family and home where she loves to dedicate her time in working and watch the company grow more and more. She has been working as an Office Assistant at RPPL for more than six years. Her strong commitment towards the organization and staunch dedication towards her work has set an example of a true employee of an organization who is the precious asset of any organization.


With a sweet and spicy chit-chat with Januka Budhathoki, she shares that she came to know about RPPL from a friend who recommended her for the vacant position of office assistant in the organization. Reminiscing the days of joining RPPL in 2072 BS, she felt really all set and excited to work in such a great HR consultancy firm and now RPPL has notched up with providing various platforms to the youths like Rolling Karmashil Swadesh, Rolling Karmashil Bidesh, Rolling Nexus, Rolling Freelance, Rolling Jobs, and many more and is still paving its way towards facilitating the people of the country and internationally too.


Associated with the kitchen service, she explains how she learned the works of the kitchen in no time as she was capable of doing the kitchen chores for many years. Along with other staff of the same department, her work is praiseworthy. She adds that while cooking, the quantity only differs but nor the quality whether food is to be cooked at home or the office, only the secret ingredient of the cook should be chaperoned with the devotion of the cooks to make the people having the food smile and happy. She further explains that several employees having several tastes and preferences come in the canteen which is a challenging task to fulfill everyone’s different taste but she is happy that her services make them happy and she hasn’t heard any complaints on her work till day.


“There is not even a single staff who doesn’t know me as an office assistant of the company and the same goes for all other staff. This is the special feature of RPPL and I literally feel this company as my second home and family”, Januka Budhathoki demystifies with joy. In the course of any dissatisfaction from the staff and upper-level management, she along with her team takes immediate actions whether the issues are related to food or ambient of the kitchen. If there is any grievance or lack of enough material for the kitchen, there would be immediate reporting and immediate solution measures are implemented, she assures.


“We never felt like we are lower-level employees, we are always treated as an indispensable member of the family”, she exclaimed with joy. Similarly, the outings, picnics, birthday celebrations, different events held inside and outside the premises of RPPL enhance the presence of each and every staff of the company. “The moments spent with RPPL are full of joy and happiness and I along with all the staff want to see the company grow and nurture more. Similarly, our company launched the app, Rolling Nexus a few months back with the grand premiere at Hotel Himalaya accompanied by respectful guests and we are totally overwhelmed to see the company progressing more”, Januka Bhudhathoki says emotionally.


She has been with RPPL for more than6 years and she is committed to dedicating her service more here. She is really grateful to be a part of the Rolling Team. She shares that her skills have been more enhanced by working in RPPL, she has got one big family whom she wants to see growing and getting more successful every day. She further adds, “I am proud to say that I am not just an office assistant of RPPL, I am a member of RPPL and RPPL is my second home and family.”


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