Jobs in Nepal for students

Students who have classes in the morning tend to look for something to do, a job perhaps, for the rest of the day. Be it to keep themselves occupied or to earn money to support themselves it is very productive to utilize the free time. 


You will be building connections, gaining experiences and exposures, and hopefully paving your unique way towards a successful career. This blog is for such dedicated students who are looking for jobs in Nepal


Types of Jobs in Nepal for students 


While there are many possible job types for students, we have accumulated a list of ten common/most sought after jobs in Nepal for students.


Sales Associates


Sales associates’ work would be to promote a company’s products or services through first-rate customer service. Welcoming customers, guiding them through the products and services, answering queries for them, and making sure the visitors have a satisfying experience also fall under the sales associate's duties.


Likewise, sales associates also handle cash and credit cards and organizer store inventory, and do store cleanups. The money is quite good too. 


The sales associate position is one of the commonly held jobs by the students in Nepal. With this job, students can enjoy flexibility when it comes to scheduling and shift coverage. This can be convenient mostly during exam days.


Similarly, sales associate jobs are opening during seasonal and festival times which are good for students who are looking to earn extra money while they are on break.


Call Centre Representative


Customer care representatives are people who handle incoming calls from customers. It includes answering incoming calls, providing support to the customers, and offering solutions to their problems.


Call centers have different shifts which would make it easier for students to set a schedule to commit. You can work during the day or night depending on availability.


This job is for people who aren’t hesitant and can speak clearly. Since you would be dealing with so many types of customers, it is also important to be patient and professional. Also, it would be a plus point if you are fluent in more than one language.


Companies often provide training before officially hiring employees. Apart from solving customers’ complications with products or services, you will be tasked with persuading them to buy new products or services too.




A barista is someone who prepares and serves beverages, typically nonalcoholic ones at a restaurant or a coffee shop. They also greet customers and take their orders.


Similarly, baristas are also responsible for working the cash register, cleaning customer seating areas, and stocking the store. They are expected to be quick with such tasks while maintaining good customer relationships at the same time.


Other than preparing drinks containing coffee, baristas also make different types of drinks such as smoothies, milkshakes, and so on depending on the order.


The important qualities of a good barista would be punctuality, attentiveness, organization, effective communication, and people skills. Likewise, due to the nature of the job, baristas are required to have the ability to multitask and work well under pressure. 


It is a highly skill-oriented job like many other jobs so you need to go through certain training and pass to be a barista. There are many barista schools providing training classes for students in Nepal. 


Restaurant server 


The restaurant server's job is to take orders, serve food and beverages to guests. Their top priority would be to guarantee customer satisfaction. This would mean that servers need to keep checking in on customers to see if they are happy with the food and the service. 

Servers set tables and greet once the customers arrive at the tables. They also tell visitors about specials and provide suggestions. Furthermore, servers communicate with the kitchen staff about the orders and bring prepared meals to customers once they are ready to be served. Later, servers take the utensils, clean the tables, and collect payments too. 


Some of the must-have qualities to be a great server are good communication skills, courteousness, good memory, ability to work long hours, accommodating, concentration on details, cleanliness, and so on. 


Many students in Nepal work as restaurant servers to earn money to help with their studies and such job opportunities help in gaining valuable experiences and skills too. 


Also if you work in fancy restaurants then you can reap the benefits of extra income in the form of tips. 


Teaching/ tutoring


If you are interested in tutoring then there are a variety of places and tuition centers, private firms, online platforms where you can find tutoring jobs. You could also do home tuition if the schedule is flexible.


College students who study in the morning teach during the day at school and make a good earning too. Apart from regular tutoring you can help the school students with test preparations and coach them on their essays.


If you aren’t working under some private schools then that means you will have autonomy from this job. You will be your principal and getting students would be entirely your responsibility.


Meanwhile, one should have a firm grasp on all concepts of the subject matter that they are planning on teaching. Students who want to be tutors can join training too. Consistency is a must for teachers/tutors while on the job.


Teaching/tutoring is how a lot of college students in Nepal utilize their free time. It is productive because teaching also means learning twice. Moreover, you get paid and it doesn't require much hard work. 




A receptionist greets and directs customers, answers their questions, and transfers calls. They also help with managerial duties like filing and office organization.


Apart from handling general communication, they may also screen visitors, issue security badges, and mane office supplies such as stationeries and furniture.


The qualities they look for in a receptionist are impressive communication skills, multitasking, good computer knowledge, problem-solving, prioritizing customer service, ability to work well under pressure, focused, and so on.


Some of the traits of a great receptionist are being open to new ideas, friendliness, astute, sociable, polite ability to empathize with others, and remain calm during hours of crisis. 


This is one of the common jobs students get in Nepal. It can be great exposure and a path to a successful career for you. 




Cashier's duties are to scan goods, receive customer’s payments by cash or card, checks or vouchers, and give them change and receipts. They are also responsible for issuing refunds, explaining and recommending items to customers, and answering customer’s inquiries.


On top of that, cashiers also count the money at the beginning and later at the end of their shift. Department stores, grocery stores, fancy shops, local marts, retail stores, and so on are usually the places where cashiers get hired to work for. 


Just like being good at maths and having effective interpersonal/ written and verbal communication skills, you also need to be proficient in product knowledge, time management, customer service, flexibility, dispute resolution, and so on. These are some of the must-have skills for students looking to work as a cashier. 


You will be working under managers and there are instructions that you need to follow. This job can be a good opportunity to improve your communication and other necessary skills and that can help in building an impressive resume along with the work experience. 


Social Media Assistant


A social media manager is someone who represents the company they are working for through different social media platforms. This job consists of diverse responsibilities such as creating content, coming up with marketing strategies, doing analytics, customer service representation, etc.


Companies often are looking for young people to hire as their social media managers. This is because the younger generations are much familiar with social media and are up to date with the trends as well.


As a social media manager, you will be managing the social media handles of the company. To get into details, SEO optimization, blogging, post scheduling, checking, and finding ways to increase customer engagement are also part of the job. 


Working in digital space can be a little challenging but some skills can help overcome those difficulties. Creativity is a must for social media managers. Since there is so much competition in the virtual world, any engagement you can gain is a win. 


Apart from creativity, social media managers need to have excellent writing skills and the ability to write captivating and witty captions and headers. 


Similarly, strong communication and organizational skills, efficiency, ability to make connections, agility are some of the qualities of the best social media managers.


Tour Guide


Nepal being one of the most touristic destinations, tour guides is a fitting job choice for students with flexible schedules looking for jobs. If you have adequate knowledge of historical and religious sites, fluency in the English language, and love storytelling then this is a suitable job for you.


Tour/tourist guides are people who provide information about cultural and historical heritage while sightseeing on those sites. Usually, there will be a group of tourists looking for a guide to help them visit the unfamiliar/ notable places of cities and understand their essence. 


It takes a great conversationalist with a sense of humor, just enough enthusiasm, and an outgoing personality to make a quality tour guide. 


In addition to this, good memory, improvisational skills, punctuality, a keen sense of direction, interesting anecdotes to share are among other must-have skills.


Some companies and agencies are on the lookout for energetic and qualified young people to hire as tour guides. It can be a great learning experience while making money, exchanging culture, and visiting places with importance. 


Bank Teller


Bank tellers assist customers with financial transactions such as transferring, withdrawing, and depositing money. They too answer calls, file deposit slips, manage ATMs, count cash, and so on.


Bank teller jobs best suit business students since the job experience can be very valuable in learning about finance and transactions. This entry-level job can help students prepare to enter the competitive job market and work at financial institutions after their graduation.


Students with classes in the morning can apply to be a bank teller. Your duties would be to provide account services to customers, handle finance and confidential information, open/close customer bank accounts, keep records, etc. 


Bank tellers need to have organizational and computer skills. Besides, attention to detail, processing loans, problem-solving, honesty, teamwork, project management, customer service, etc are also equally necessary skills. 


Guidelines on how to get jobs in Nepal for students


It's similar to how everyone would apply for jobs after graduation. But there surely are things to consider which can increase the chances of obtaining a promising employment opportunity for a student looking for jobs in Nepal.


First of all, you need to decide on what jobs you want to pursue. Most students look for the kind of job that aligns with their studies. While many are just searching for something that doesn't require much expertise and pays decently. 


Now you need to prepare a resume and send it out to the companies/agencies with other application forms to apply. Make sure you do not craft the same resume for all the roles you are applying to. Do remember to tweak here and there and make changes so that the information will be relevant to the nature of the job.


Research on the internet about hiring companies. There are multiple job portals you can take advantage of from the comfort of your home. Similarly, you can sign up on recruiting agencies as well. 


Moreover, some companies welcome walk-ins and this goes on to tell that you are dedicated. Also, you will get to meet the hiring managers/staff and talk to them in person. 


So if you follow these steps then you do not have to worry much about finding a job. But most importantly, look for jobs that do not add on to your pre-existing stress you have from your studies. 


It is amazing to be employed because of the independence and financial aspects especially for students looking for jobs in Nepal. Also, not to forget the skills you will develop and experiences you will gather. All the best for the job hunt! 

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