Is there any credibility in the practice test of the Public Service Commission and Teacher Service Commission conducted by Rolling CAT ? If so, what are the basic things of Rolling CAT?

Rolling CAT (Computer Adaptive Test) is one of the most efficient and effective ways to take various tests to test your skills and knowledge at a cheaper price and for those who do not have easy access to top-notch institutes and training guides. 


The platform also caters to the people planning to take the Public Service commission and Teacher Service Commission exams but are unable to attend institutes and do not have access to updated resources. 


What is Rolling CAT?

The Rolling CAT (Computer Adaptive Test) is one of the major domains of the premium job portal of Nepal, Rolling Nexus together with Rolling Tender, Rolling Events, Rolling Job, etc. 


The platform contains over 36,000 tests with different categories. These categories include mock tests, skill tests, domain tests, and entrance preparation tests (eg; Lok Sewa) and much more. 


You can take tests on Rolling CAT  to test your GK, IQ, or proficiency in skills and domains like hospitality, geography, fashion designing, engineering, etc, and more here. (


Why Rolling CAT may be one of the most credible practice tools for Public Service Commission and Teacher Service Commission 

Nepal is a developing country and in many areas of Nepal, to this day, government jobs are very much sought after and prized. However, most training centers and institutions are concentrated in the city areas and people in rural areas are deprived of quality and updated resource materials required for practicing. Furthermore, exams held by the PSC and TSC are very tough and need months of preparation. 


Acknowledging the struggle and with the intent to help everyone have equal access to updated and credible resources and mock tests nationwide, Rolling CAT aspires to provide best quality practice tests by partnering with noble institutes and tutors who have years of experience in the field to come up with questions and resources that resonate with the updated curriculum. 


The questions for practice tests at Rolling CAT start with a very affordable price point of RS 5 for 50 questions to cater to the audience of all financial backgrounds. Making opportunities accessible to all, Rolling CAT is one of the most affordable, credible, and easiest ways to practice for the Public Service Commission and Teacher Service Commission at the comfort of your own home since everything can be done online. 


 Additionally, the tests conducted in the Rolling CAT are one of the best ways to test your skills since the technology used in CAT tests makes it almost impossible to cheat! The highly reliable and advanced system comes with audio and video monitoring, a built-in navigation system (switching of tabs is detected and you may thus be disqualified) and the website does not allow the test takers to copy-paste anything either. 


You can view all the tests for your entrance preparation here.



Partnering with renowned institutes like DCAN( DEFENCE CAREER ACADEMY OF NEPAL ) and hiring professionals to design the questions, Rolling CAT is undoubtedly one of the most easily accessible and credible platforms for mock tests. Also, the affordable price point of the resources compared to the tuition fees and costs of guide books make it an ideal practicing platform for financially weak students. who aspires to take the Public Service Commission and Teacher Service Commission exams. 

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