How to raise strong daughters?

What does raising strong girls mean and how do you do it? Well firstly, strong girls grow up reassured. They have an understanding of what steps to take, and what affirmative measures to adopt for themselves and others around them. They view the world analytically, are expressive of their genuine emotions and accepting of others. 


A strong girl is kind to herself and grows up determined. It’s not to say that strong girls do not have days they are vulnerable and lack confidence, but that is only because they are a work in progress. They have gone through difficult situations and have persevered. Eventually, strong girls will live fulfilling lives. 


Girls being their person is such a wonderful thing despite people trying to show them how to behave. Raising strong girls entails encouraging independence, creative thinking, and confidence to build their path. 


Here is how you can lend a hand to raise strong women:


Don’t doubt her capacity to make decisions. She should have agency over her life choices. If he needs advice then she will come to you. The choices she makes are her responsibility and as are the repercussions. 


Look past her outward features. She is more than how she appears externally. All girls are beautiful even if they do not fit into your definition of beauty. 


Tell her how amazing she is as a human. Give prominence to what she does right. Make sure that you are not obsessed with correcting her. People make mistakes and that’s how we grow. While rectifying is necessary, they should be encouraged and given space to believe in themselves equally or even more. 


Express that you are not concerned about how the world perceives you by laughing at yourself once in a while. We all could use this one particularly by learning to laugh at ourselves. 


Let your kids be opinionated and use their voice for what they stand up for. This takes practice. And as they keep on speaking for themselves, they will be more vocal and articulated. You raise strong girls by telling them to speak their mind. You can encourage them to be expressive of their opinions respectfully. Kids should grow up in an environment where they are taught to speak out for wrongful things. This helps children to have the ability to view the world with compassion and kindness. Involve your kids in the decision making process and let them always have a voice, however small. 


Stop thinking that all our daughters need to be saved. The damsel in distress trope used to be cute in the movies but it is not the 90s anymore. If we want our girls to be strong figures of tomorrow then we need to let them be. She works hard, fights her challengers herself and that is what makes her strong. Motivate your daughter to take brave steps in life even if the steps are outside of her comfort zone. Encourage your daughter to be comfortable in her skin. 


It's rather uncommon to be assured of something you haven't had exposure to. This is why your child needs to grow familiar with different things to build their confidence. Allow your kids to experience new things, gain more knowledge and watch them grow into confident person. Pass down the significance of education and growth to your kids. Support your girls to pursue their passion. Congratulate them on their success and improvements. This helps boost their confidence in their potentials. 


It is fortunate enough that we belong to a world where slowly our girls are given authority. While that is hopeful, the world still isn't on board with empowering girls. There are so much distressing forms of oppressions all around the globe and to see all that happen in the present scenario honestly is quite heartbreaking.


Our girls deserve better no matter where they come from. Boys should learn to respect all women and it should be the standard. We raise strong girls by teaching them to value passion, purpose and goals. Strong girls are raised when they have agency and can live their life with dignity. 

Note: This article has been contributed by Ms. Shruti Sharma. You can watch her video interview by clicking here

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