We are glad to introduce ourselves (Kaushik Janashakti International Pvt. Ltd.) as manpower recruiters in Nepal. Our vast experiences in local and foreign markets allows us to cater to the specific needs of our customers and are made reliable with an expert team of professionals.

Kaushik Janashakti International Pvt. Ltd. commenced operations in 2002 and is now one of the leading manpower recruitment companies in Nepal. Recognized and approved by the Labour Ministry (License No.330/059/060) of the Nepal government with years of recruitment experience backing us has resulted in our clients enjoying a 100% satisfaction rate. Thus we feel confident that recruiting through our company will be your best measure of due diligence against unwanted operational circumstances. The success of any business depends a great deal on securing competent and reliable manpower. We are here to ensure there are no disruptions to your seamless operations by tailoring our services to your operational expectations.

Along with our interactive and informative website, we have an established help desk in Kathmandu that will guide you in matters of public relations, operational and all other general enquiries. The organization is constantly eager to deal with clients on various issues as our measure of success is based on the satisfaction of our clients. Our deep knowledge and experience in the field of manpower services is an assurance to our clients that the quality of our recruitment in skilled, semi-skilled and non-skilled labour categories meets the expectations of our clients.

Nepalese people are renowned for their loyalty, honesty, perseverance and a keen sense of duty. Such is the feedback we get from our clients around the world. We assure you that the people of Nepal will provide you with outstanding results for the smooth running of your company operations. We shall be delighted to meet you at a time and place of your choosing and are pleased to be at your service at all times.

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