Edupark Pvt. Ltd. was established in the March of 2009 as Edupark Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. Since, October 2012 have dropped the word ‘consultancy’ from our name given the expansion of our German language course facility and we have emerged out as one of the finest German language course and IELTS preparation provider, German education specialist in  these years. Since its establishment, Edupark has provided best possible consulting services to thousands of Nepalese students and successfully placed a huge number of Nepalese students in highly competitive courses at top ranked government and private universities in Germany.

Edupark was established with an aim to provide information and consultation for students who are genuinely interested in studying in Germany. Given our quality consulting and language and test preparation, visa successes, thousands of Nepalese students are successfully studying in Germany. Many have already completed their studies from top ranked German universities and are already enjoying a good life in Germany.

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