I would like to welcome you all in Excellent Manpower Services Pvt. Ltd. We are very good at bridging the employers and employees from across the world to Nepalese workers. I can tell you that the Nepali workforce is very good at performing fair and laborious duties. These workers are very straight forward. They perform their duties following all the orders that have been providing them to be punctual and well demanded by many foreign organizations.

We are located in a very nearby airport, just 2 kilometers. Our office is on the bank of the holy river of Nepal, which is Bagmati. I must not miss to mention that we are also near to Pashupatinath Temple, which is a UN World Heritage of Nepal. Our organization comprises of very experienced and expert teams. We assure for both the employees and the employer, we can fulfill your requirements at the best possible matchings. We have been doing good jobs and we are valuable to our customers.

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