Municipality Introduction:

Residing approximately at the middle portion of map of nepal, gorkha municipality is only historic place of gorkha district as a part of province 4. It was established in Magh 15, 2053 BS including gorakhkali, raniswara and taranagar VDCs. According to the decision of Nepal government in Mangsir 16, 2071 BS; finam and nareswor and according to decision of Mangsir 20, 2073 BS; taple and deurali were added leaving it to total area of 131.86

 It is located at 141 km’s from the capital  Kathmandu and 24 km’s from aanbu-khaireni, tanahun. Most of the place of gorkha municipality is equipped with hills and some region is plain in geography. Gorkha Municipality is enrich in its geographical aspects. A wide range of mountains(Manaslu, himchuli, larke, bouddha mountain) is easily visible from Kuduntar, 13kilo market, maidan, paslang, satipipal, gorakhkali durbar, upallo-kot, bhimsen smarak, etc.


Historical background:

Also known as gurkha in the world, gorkha has its own proud identity in the pages of world history. Unification of Nepal by Prithivi Narayan Shah was the historic moment in the history of Nepal. Gorkha Durbar, Gorakhnath temple, kalika temple, tallo durbar which symbolize historic identity all lie here in this municipality. Bishey Nagarchi, who helped the then king Prithivi Narayan Shah in collecting donations for unification efforts, was also born in this municipality.

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