After 5 years of political change in Nepal, the country will look into the management of its internal affairs. The Home Ministry was established in 5 years. Vs. After a change of 5 years, the name of the Ministry of Home Affairs was changed to the Ministry of Home Panchayat and Nepal was divided into 6 zones and districts. After the commencement of the Local Administration Act, 1, the duties and powers of the EnchalADHISH and the PGA were legally organized. Vs. After the formation of a separate local development ministry to look after the work related to the Panchayat from the Ministry of Home Affairs, peacekeeping and local administration became the main responsibility of the Home Ministry.  

The main objective of the Home Administration is to "protect the lives and property of the people by maintaining law and order and security in the country". To provide security to the people by strengthening and strengthening the home administration and making the service flow effective and maintaining good governance. Nepal governs the administration and security agencies, Armed Police Force and National Investigation Department and other agencies are working from the center to the local level.

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