Contact Center Associates (VKYC)

Full Time 2023-12-17 Silver List 1091

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Customer Relation / Public Relations

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Basic Information:

Position: Contact Center Associates
Employment Type: Outsorcing
Department: VKYC
Qualification: Bachelors
Experience: 6 month of experience in related field 



  • Responsible for verification of customer identification through Video calls
  • Assist customers who need assistance with KYC, documentation, and other associated procedures.
  • Receive inbound & outbound calls related to services and product of Nabil Bank and if required or needed for further support and assistant transfer the call to the other department.
  • Due diligence on new clients includes seeking KYC information, paperwork, reviewing and verifying received documents, and doing an analytical risk assessment on new clients.
  • Evaluate current clients on a regular basis in accordance with established policies and processes.
  • Periodic evaluation of KYC records for completeness, including verification that due diligence was done and that CBC (due diligence) criteria were met; additionally, that the files and risk assessments were current and up to date.
  • Maintain constant communication with the customer in order to maintain the customer file up to date.
  • To get KYC paperwork, communicate effectively and efficiently with appropriate internal and external stakeholders.
  • Ensure accurate and timely processing & submission of KYC requests 


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