Currently, there exists a tendency of measuring the knowledge and success of students by their fluency in the English language, the books they carry in their school bag, the home tasks assigned to them and the marks they score in the examination. No one cares about changes in their attitude and behavior. No one is bothered to check how social and friendly they have become after joining the school and whether they have respect for disabled and elderly people and love for young ones. Today’s world offers your children many temptations without the life experience to deal with them. But, we NCCS people believe in the development of positive outlook and change in the attitude of the student. This school with all its capable and experienced faculty members is trying to achieve this target. We spend time, money, energy, etc., to mold and nurture our students, culturally, physically, socially and psychologically in order to serve others, society, the country. We find happiness and joy in the service of our country by crafting noble and worthy citizens for our motherland.

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