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Pravash Rai

Pravash Rai

Sep 23, 2020

What are the key skills required to become a good customer service representative?


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Vidhya Khadka

Vidhya Khadka Sep 7, 2020

There are many types of skills required for being a good customer service representative and they are as follows: 1. Patience 2. Attentiveness 3. Ability to Communicate Clearly 4. Knowledge about the Products/Company 5. Ability use Positive Language 6. Time management Skills 7 read more...

Rahul Shrestha

Rahul Shrestha Sep 5, 2020

I believe that you will require a excellent soft skills, patience, understanding(putting yourself in customer's shoes), clarity(informative)and a serving behaviour to be a good customer service representative.

Kabita Tandukar

Kabita Tandukar Sep 5, 2020

Skills required for good customer service representative are  like

  1. Empathy
  2. Calmness, Time management.
  3. Confident ,service knowledge.
  4. Ability to cope the customer issue.
  5. Postive attitude
  6. Self control.
  7. Adaptability.<
Arun Dhungana

Arun Dhungana Sep 5, 2020

Out of many essential skills there are few skills very few can aquire and implement. Most of the candidates are skilled with all the Hard skills but as a part of Soft Skills , communication skills, self control, empathy and feeling of ownership are the key skills to excel as&n read more...

Jinesh Subedi

Jinesh Subedi Sep 17, 2020

Communication Skill, I think so :) :p 

Rolling Nexus

Rolling Nexus Oct 9, 2020

Politeness and calmness

Suzana Yorke

Suzana Yorke Dec 1, 2020

A Customer service representative is the first point of contact for a company’s customers. As their chief responsibility is to handle customer queries and resolve their issues in a timely and efficient manner, they require a set of skills that can help them make every in read more...

Lachana Shakya

Lachana Shakya Dec 3, 2020

Delivering excellent customer service is no easy as it sounds. Customers rule over the business organization as, without customers, no businesses can survive in the market. Handling customers effectively so that customers may always remain loyal to the organization is a kind o read more...

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