Rolling Contest is an online fun-based platform which comprises of the various promotional contest posted by different employers of the nation as well as sports prediction of national and international tournaments of football and cricket. Equipped with Management contest for running a promotional contest for businesses and Sports Prediction section to predict match results of different national/international leagues of football, cricket organized by business houses along with the feature to create own league and challenge Nexus circle, Rolling Contest is a great platform to be engaged yourself and engage your audience.

A key aspect of the game is the opportunity to compete against friends, colleagues and players from one’s Rolling Nexus circle in private/closed leagues and public/open leagues.

Private leagues are the heart and soul of the game where you can compete against your friends, family and colleagues. Simply join or create a league and then send out the unique code to allow others to join. A private league lasts the entire tournament – you can invite your Rolling Nexus Circle to your league by sharing the unique code or link either via email or on social media. The scoring mechanism follows the same principles as the core Sports Predictor game and members of your league are ranked accordingly.There's no limit on the number of private leagues you can join, but you can create a maximum of 20. 

All sports Predictor players will automatically enter an overall rank in which they will be able to track their performance against all other registered players which shall be displayed on the leaderboard section of each participant.

During the group stage, you will only be able to predict:
  1. Score of each team
  2. Match result- win/lose

Predict the correct winner or loser, or correctly predict a draw: +10 points

Predict the correct number of A team goals: +5 point
Predict the correct number of B team goals: +5 point

Points to displayed within 2-3 hours of the match end.

Predictions can be changed at any point up to the 10 minutes before the scheduled kick-off time of the match.

Match day prediction winner will be selected on the basis of combined points earned by predicting the correct score and result of the match. Incase none of the predictors make correct predictions, 0 points shall be added on each user’s leaderboard.

Closed/private league’s correct predictions shall not be added on the leaderboard of public/open leagues. Only to those correctly predicted on open leagues shall be considered.

English Premier leagues prediction shall go up to 38 weeks and the winner shall be announced (after adding all the points) after the end of the season while other knock out games’ winner shall be announced the next day of the match.

On seasonal games like World Cup and Euro Cup the rules remain the same meaning the winner to be announced at the end of the tournament.

For cricket games the rules remain the same as above.

On points being tie amongst predictors; the winner shall be chosen through lucky draw conducted live on the social media page of Rolling Plans Pvt Ltd.

Each lucky winner for EPL weekly winner shall be getting a Rolling Contest T shirt and a recharge of 200. In case of points being tie, the winner shall be selected through lucky draw of which live shall be displayed on official Facebook page.

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