IT Jobs in Nepal

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Our country Nepal has made considerable growth in the use of Information Technology (IT) in various fields within the last decade.


It means there is an increase in the number of IT job vacancies in Nepal. Demands of IT experts are on the rise and the good news is that it won't be slowing down. 


IT Jobs in Nepal 


There are a lot of job roles in the IT field and they pay well too. With education, expertise, and experience you can be the skilled and competent IT professionals, the companies are looking for.


So if you are tech-savvy and are genuinely interested in IT, then you should consider one of these IT jobs in Nepal as your career option. 


Types of IT jobs in Nepal


Web Developer


A web developer is a programmer responsible for the coding, design, layout of websites, and web applications that meet the requirements of clients or employers.


The basic duties of web developers include creating websites using standard HTML/CSS/JavaScript practices, researching different software programs, working with web designers and programmers, and monitoring website traffic. 


Similarly, helping with the maintenance and expansion of the website once it is built also falls under the responsibility of a web developer. 


To become a web developer, you need to have a strong understanding of HTML/XHTML, CSS, JavaScript. You are also required to know server architecture. 


Along with that, proficiency in python and other server-side frameworks is also required. 


While you can self teach yourself your way to becoming a web developer, you do need to have a bachelor's degree in computer science or computer programming. 


Furthermore, a degree in a relevant field is essential for a detail-oriented position in web development. 


People with strong communication skills, expertise in coding, team management skills, SEO knowledge, ability to multitask, and work under pressure make suitable candidates for the job vacancy of a web developer. 


Software Engineer


Software engineers create computer software through the use of computer science knowledge and mathematical principles. 


Their work includes maintaining and improving existing codebases to meet specific needs. Software engineers also focus on enhancing the system quality by recognizing issues and common patterns. 


Moreover, their job entails improving applications, exploring and applying necessary new technologies, writing diagnostic programs, designing and implementing systems, and so on. 


So to qualify for this job vacancy, a degree in software engineering, computer science, mathematics, or similar fields is required. 


Software engineering can be a testament to your technical ability as an employee. This is because technical competency is very important for this job.


Additionally, knowledge of algorithms, data structure, and computer systems, strong communication skills, attention to detail, ability to work in a team, and learning new skills are some of the other required skills.


Software Developer


Software developer's job is to develop, design, and implement new or modified software programs, applications, and websites. 


Their typical tasks include testing and assessing new programs, researching and designing software programs, developing upgrades for existing programs and applications, writing and testing code, talking over client’s requirements and suggested solutions.


You can learn necessary applicable skills via training etc and apply for entry-level positions albeit degrees in either software development or computer science or any relevant field is given more priority. 


Some of the major qualities that can help you become a successful software developer in Nepal are problem-solving skills, mathematical competence, interpersonal and communication skills, analytical skills, knowledge of the latest technologies and programming languages.


Software developers can find job vacancies or an internship in software development companies, telecommunication companies, banks and other financial sectors, technologies consultancies, and so on.


Technical Support Specialist/ IT Officer


Technical support specialists provide technical assistance to clients and businesses concerning their hardware or software related issues.


The primary duties of a technical support specialist encompass repairing and installing computer systems and hardware, helping clients with their support requests and inquiries, recommending upgrades and modifications in programming to the users, and so on.


Skills that employers look for in a technical support specialist are problem-solving, analytical and communication skills, database, and software performance modification, critical thinking, fine knowledge of software maintenance, etc.


One needs to have a strong foundation in technical specialization to apply for this job. Also, the requirement for a bachelor's degree in engineering or computer science varies depending on companies. 


Some companies with IT job vacancies in Nepal just need your expertise however you may have acquired it and can be flexible with your academic background.


Database Administrator


Database administrators use specialized software to store, organize, and keep track of data. 


The duties of a database administrator are maintaining the performance, integrity, and security of the company’s databases, ensuring data consistency across the database, establishing the needs of users, and informing them about the changes in databases. 


You will be requiring a bachelor's degree in information technology or computer science to become a database administrator. 


Also, some of the skills that you need to display as a candidate are analytical skills, problem-solving skills, business awareness, adaptability, ability to work under pressure, teamwork, good communication skills, and so on.


The work can be pretty demanding so it is better to gain experience in programming or other similar jobs in the IT industry before applying for the job vacancy of a database administrator.


SEO Specialist


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. And, an SEO specialist improves website ranking and performance of websites. 


Similarly, the responsibilities of an SEO specialist are finding the right keywords to gain site traffic, implementing title and meta tags, increasing visibility of a website through the use of keywords, internal linking, etc. 


Likewise, their duty also includes developing link building strategies, researching and analyzing competitors’ SEO techniques, ensuring the proper implementation of SEO in content creation, and so on. 


The main requirements for an SEO specialist are experienced in SEO, knowledge of search engine algorithms, impressive writing skills, ability to work in a team, creativity, problem-solving skills, familiarity with website analytics tools e.g. Google Analytics, etc.


Even though a degree in marketing can be helpful, you need to learn from materials available online to build the necessary skills for this position.


Project Manager


A project manager is someone who oversees almost all facets of the IT department in a company. This entails managing staff, leading projects from formation to their completion, making sure the projects don't cross deadlines.


Furthermore, setting project plans, managing resources for different projects, managing relationships with clients and teams, coming up with risk mitigation plans, maintaining the company’s efficiency along with quality service too fall under the duty of a project manager.


Employers look for skills like advanced computer knowledge, leadership skills, time management, analytical and problem-solving skills, task scheduling skills, resource planning, ability to multitask in candidates applying for the job vacancy of a project manager in Nepal. 


In terms of academics, you need to have a bachelor's degree in computer science or IT, or other relevant fields. Also, some years of experience in computer development work or IT oriented projects are preferred. 


IT Business Analyst


IT Business Analysts are specialists in both Information Technology and Business Administration.


Their role is to bridge the gap between IT and business by using data analytics to evaluate processes, calculate requirements, deliver data-driven proposals and reports to directors and stakeholders. 


Besides, analyzing the design of technical systems and business models, enhancing the quality of IT products and services, making use of data for the understanding of business, planning budgeting and forecasting, etc are also responsibilities of an IT business analyst. 


A degree in computer engineering, business administration, or related field is the requirement to apply for the job vacancy of IT Business Analyst in Nepal.


Moreover, 5 to 10 years of experience in IT management positions and technology-driven roles are heavily preferred. 


Other qualifications include proficiency in data analysis, experiences in programming and computer applications, excellent problem-solving skills, outstanding interpersonal skills, understanding of the business structure, and cost-benefit analysis.


Computer Programmer


Computer programmers write and test new computer software using coding languages such as HTML, JavaScript, etc. 


Their job comprises creating instructions that prepare computers to generate meaningful output, coding, debugging, troubleshooting system errors, updating computer programs, collaborating with fellow programmers, and so forth.


To begin a career as a computer programmer, it's essential to have a bachelor's degree in computer science or computer programming. You could also learn how to code, master the skills then apply for a job vacancy as a computer programmer in Nepal.


Lastly, other necessary skills are attention to detail, analytical thinking, excellent IT skills, a real knack for maths, experiences with Java, C++, HTML, strong troubleshooting skills, good communication skills, and so on.


Quality Assurance Specialist


Quality Assurance Specialists check new or modified computer software applications to see if they perform as intended and are free of any errors. 


Their responsibilities include evaluating software products to ensure they are up to the company’s standards, reporting any problems they find and providing solutions to the supervisors, conducting database testing, etc.


Understanding of various testing approaches, relevant technical skills, creative mindset, strong programming knowledge, ability to recognize the strengths and weaknesses of IT systems, a remarkable knowledge of software applications are some of the important job requirements.


Although you can acquire the necessary skills through training, employers are more inclined towards candidates with a bachelor's degree in an IT-related subject.


You can find job vacancies for quality assurance specialists in travel companies, airlines, entertainment companies, software companies, game developers, and so on in Nepal. 


Visual Effect Artist (VFX Artist)


VFX artists use software to create photoreal digitally generated imagery, special effects, and animations.

They mostly work in feature films, TV shows, and video games. This job is for people with an aptitude for visual designs. 


The common duties of a VFX artist are creating visual effects, motion graphics, and animations within budgets, creating simulations for the approval of directors, engineers, etc, collaborating with designers, conceptualizing special effects of high quality, and more.


Essential skills to this job are excellent computer skills, outstanding working knowledge of software tools, experiences in animation, understanding of video production, communication skills, and time management.


Even though education necessarily is not a requirement, most VFX artists do have a bachelor’s degree in computer animations, visual designs, multimedia studies, or other relevant fields.


Technical Writer


Technical writers create articulate and high-quality documentation to improve user experience on digital platforms.


Technical writers are responsible for composing clear instruction manuals for users, analyzing potential content, creating tutorials to help users, collaborating with translators, writing and editing technical information that is easy for readers to comprehend, and so on.


The minimum qualification regarding education is a bachelor's degree in IT, English, Computer Science, or in a related discipline.


When it comes to skills, the requirements are knowledge of software and computers, exceptional English writing skills, attention to detail, ability to come up with high-quality documentation, strong technical editing skills, and more.


Benefits of IT jobs


Companies of all types are seeking digital transformation and even the government in Nepal now heavily relies on technology to function.


Scope in the IT field is a given. Apart from that, there are several benefits to working in the IT sector. Here are some of them.

  • While there is an abundance of job titles to choose from, there are also countless industry options. This means you can work for a startup or a multimillionaire company. 

  • IT jobs pay well in comparison to other sorts of jobs.

  • You do not necessarily need a degree. IT jobs run on skills so once you learn the required skills then you can get hired. 

  • There is a worldwide growing demand for IT professionals and that means you will have employable value. 

  • You will find the right places to invest your creative skills and get encouragement and recognition for it.

  • You will have the opportunities to be part of startups that are possible big companies in the future.

  • Flexible working hours and work environment. 

  • You will get to learn about new technologies and make a difference with your innovation and creative ideas.

  • IT jobs can be rewarding also due to perks that come along with the work.


Tips for getting an IT job vacancy in Nepal


You have made it through the list of IT jobs and their benefits and you are probably wondering how to get an IT job in the first place. 


So, check out these seven steps to land an IT job. 

  • Earn certification because it can be the indication that you possess certain expertise relevant to the IT field. 

  • Reach out to companies to see if they have internship programs and apply.

  • To quote Bojack Horseman “In this terrifying world, all we have are the connections that we make.” Simply put, never stop networking.

  • Teach yourself about software, programming, and other tech skills.

  • Granted that a technology degree is not essential, education still makes a huge difference on your resume. Hence, focus on your studies.

  • Make sure you are willing to start from the bottom. An entry-level job you are hesitant about is your access to the world of experiences.

  • IT job vacancies are in different areas from healthcare to corporate to government. Thus,  do your research and prepare for the type of job and company you want.


The tech industry is flourishing. And the opportunity for you to bloom with a suitable IT job vacancy in Nepal might be somewhere in Rolling Jobs


Generous paycheck, employment benefits, valuable skills, and experiences are waiting for you. Hurry up! 

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