Banking Jobs in Nepal

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Banking Jobs in Nepal are considered to be one of the high paying jobs. There are a variety of banking jobs in Nepal. And they all come with their own set of benefits and challenges. 


Whether you are someone with 10 years of experience working in a bank or are a recent graduate looking for an entry-level job, you can choose from a wide range of banking jobs in Nepal depending on your proficiency.


Banking Job Options in Nepal


Each of these banking job types has its own unique requirements. 


Some jobs need people with a particular set of skills who have had some specific years of experience to apply. 


There also are banking jobs for beginners. And they will get promoted to higher positions as they become experienced. 


Before you look for a job in banking, it's important to the types, their nature, and if your interest, skills, and education fit the career. 


Bank Teller


Bank tellers assist customers with cashing checks, withdrawing money, creating accounts, moving transactions to different accounts, etc.


Bank tellers are also responsible for answering phone calls, resolving customer issues, and handling information, and other different administrative duties of a bank.


The important requirement of a bank teller would be proper handling of cash. Similarly, good time management, customer service, and communication skills are necessary skills. 

Moreover, people, financial, general maths, computer, and documentation skills are other needed qualifications. Also, candidates with sales skills are preferred. 


High school graduates can apply for this job. If you have some experience of working as a customer care representative or in sales for six months or more then you will have an advantage. 


Do make sure to highlight your past experiences and education that align with the nature of the job while applying to be a bank teller.




Bank accountants' duties are almost similar to the accountants of any organization. They are responsible for ensuring accurate financial documents. 


Accountants also maintain records of profits and loss, assets, tax liability, and other financial activities of a bank. Their function also includes preparing permanent records for each and every transaction ever made. 


Some of the must-have skills to be an accountant are critical thinking, organizational, time management, interpersonal communication, spreadsheet proficiency, precision, and so on.


As an accountant, you will be performing financial statement analysis and preparing tax returns too so it is crucial to pay attention to details and stay focused on the job. 


It requires a lot of effort to be an excellent accountant. There are key skills you need to acquire. This will also help you to land an accounting job in Nepal. 


Financial Analyst


Financial analysts are responsible for financial planning, analyzing business performance, and monitoring market trends for the projection of the company.


Their job also includes helping senior management make strategic decisions by providing reports, and other necessary support to the projects.


So for a promising career in finance, you need to have problem-solving, decision making, and analytical skills. Similarly, commercial acumen is a plus.


Likewise, knowledge of IT software and financial modeling, ability to innovate and communicate, interpersonal skills, attention to detail, and so on are some other skills that really count. 


In terms of academia, you need a bachelor's degree in finance, accounting, or related fields. And applicants with 2 or more years of experience in finance or financial planning are given priority.


Branch Manager


We can see branches of the same bank operating in different cities in Nepal. And each of the branches has its own manager.  So, a branch manager is an administrative person who oversees the branch of a particular bank. 


They are responsible for managing resources and staff, building a rapport with the community, marketing, improving the performance of the branch, and so on.


Branch manager responsibilities also include offering excellent customer service, attracting more clients, and ensuring that the branch meets its objectives.


Employers want someone with experience, leadership skills, problem-solving skills, people management, interpersonal skills, numeracy, and so on.


You need to complete a bachelor's degree in business administration or any other relevant field to apply for the post of branch manager. And, at least three years of work experience is required.


Relationship Manager


A relationship manager is a client-facing professional who provides banking and financial advice to the bank’s clients mostly about their investments.


They are responsible for generating revenues for the bank through effective client management. Also, relationship managers work to find out solutions to meet the needs of several clients at once. 


Good interpersonal, listening, and communication skills are essential to be a relationship manager. Moreover, knowledge of customer relationship management is also required.


To add more, problem-solving attitude, ability to research and analyze information, attention to detail, good negotiation, and leadership skills are other important skills. 


When it comes to education, a bachelor's in business administration or in a related field is necessary. And, candidates with experience in sales or customer service are preferred. 


Loan Officer


Loan officers in a bank help the burrowers with the application process and authorize approval of it. 


Loan officers determine whether the clients are eligible for the loan or not by reviewing the client's financial statements. Their duty also includes updating account records and evaluating loan files.


They need to communicate with the clients about the feasibility of granting loans. In addition to this, loan officers are responsible for justifying approvals and rejections of loans and report on them. 


Some of the requirements are excellent interpersonal and communication skills, familiarity with banking software, computer knowledge, a solid understanding of all the loan regulations, and so on.


A loan officer should have an educational background of a bachelor's degree in finance or a relevant field. And in terms of the experience, they should have worked as a loan officer for at least three years. 


Asset Manager


Another banking job in Nepal is the position of an asset manager. They review the financial portfolio of clients. They also monitor the stock market to find the best investment opportunity for their client. 


Similarly, their job is to calculate possible losses through research analysis. Asset managers determine what reforms can be brought into the company.


A massive portion of an asset manager’s time is to make informed decisions through comprehensive research about potential investment options for their clients. 


To be a successful asset manager, you need to have strong analytical and problem-solving skills, research skills, advanced computer knowledge. 


Moreover, you need to be detail-oriented, highly skilled in maths and finance, and should possess excellent critical thinking skills. 


While you need to have a bachelor's degree in economics, finance, or any relevant field to apply for an asset manager, some employers also prefer candidates with master’s degrees. 


Financial Advisor


The financial advisor is another top banking job in Nepal. Here, your job is to provide advice to clients on how to manage their money and help them make their decisions on investments. 


As a financial advisor, your responsibilities also entail analyzing information and preparing the most favorable plans to meet the requirements of your clients. 


You are also responsible for reviewing and responding to any finance-related circumstantial changes. Plus, you will be designing financial strategies and assisting clients to make well-versed decisions. 


Excellent communication, interpersonal, and listening are the key skills for this job. Also, you need to have the ability to network and establish relationships with clients. 


Similarly, you need to possess negotiation, time management, customer service, decision making, research, numeracy, and IT skills. 


You should at least have a bachelor's degree in economics, statistics, finance, or a similar field to apply for a financial advisor. 


Importantly, a few years of experience in finance-related roles will improve your chances of getting hired. 


Internal Auditor


Internal auditors are accounting professionals who are responsible for estimating employment expenses, internal procedures, loans, and spending habits of the bank. 


Their duty also includes financial and risk management, resource management, auditing assignments, verification of assets and liabilities, and so on.


The main role of an internal auditor is to ensure complete compliance of the bank with laws and regulations and determine its financial stability. 

Some of the most required skills for internal auditors are analytical and critical thinking, communication, data mining, IT knowledge, business acumen, etc. 


Other requirements are the ability to work under pressure, work in a team or independently, meet deadlines. Moreover, excellent documentation and accounting skills are important too.


Candidates must have at least two years of work experience along with a bachelor's degree in finance, accounting, or business administration, or other relevant fields. 


Foreign Exchange Trader


Foreign exchange traders analyze several factors that influence exchange rates and economies. They read the press from different countries and spend a lot of time on the job on the phone. 


They establish local exchange rates depending on market fluctuations and also perform foreign currency transactions for clients. 


Foreign exchange traders execute the buying and selling of currencies in various foreign exchange markets. 


The most significant skill for this job would be strong decision making. Apart from that, foreign language proficiency, interpersonal skills, international exposure, exceptional mathematical, and analytical ability are also required.


In terms of educational background, the requirement is a bachelor's degree in economics, mathematics or statistics, or a similar field. 


Most of the banking jobs in Nepal require you to be attentive, detail-oriented, and have good communication skills. On top of that, your academic background determines your chances of employability. 


But it's the intuition that can take you to great heights. So make sure to hear your guts and follow it to decide on what banking jobs in Nepal you want to apply for.


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