Vision & Value Overseas Pvt. Ltd  Company is one of the  rising human resource service provider based  in Kathmandu, Nepal which was established  by well experienced Human Resource Consultant , as a Human Resource, and Management Consultancy as well  as Commercial Broker company in Nepal . Since its early stage of foundation, the Company is recognized as a reliable partner in its field of expertise. Being the managing partner and has been a product of various experiences with other companies. We have full occupied office and trained staffs.

The network of Vision & Value Overseas Pvt. Ltd (V&V) related companies is comprehensive which has very intimate relationship in countries with rich manpower pool: they are continually training and re-training its workforce by providing them local work to sustain and improve their capabilities and skills. This team effort across companies and continents provides unique advantage when functioning on a global basis.
Vision & Value Overseas Pvt. Ltd is the force to reckon with:


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