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Indian Premier League
IPL Matches
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Match Date Status Match No. Team A Team B Winner
2020-09-19 19:45:00 FINISHED 1 MI CSK MI
2020-09-20 19:45:00 FINISHED 2 DC KSP DC
2020-09-21 19:45:00 FINISHED 3 SH RCB SH
2020-09-22 19:45:00 FINISHED 4 RR CSK RR
2020-09-23 19:45:00 FINISHED 5 KKR MI KKR
2020-09-24 19:45:00 FINISHED 6 KSP RCB KSP
2020-09-25 19:45:00 FINISHED 7 CSK DC CSK
2020-09-26 19:45:00 FINISHED 8 KKR SH KKR
2020-09-27 19:45:00 FINISHED 9 RR KSP RR
2020-09-28 19:45:00 FINISHED 10 RCB MI RCB
2020-09-29 19:45:00 FINISHED 11 DC SH DC
2020-09-30 19:45:00 FINISHED 12 RR KKR RR
2020-10-01 19:45:00 FINISHED 13 KSP MI KSP
2020-10-02 19:45:00 FINISHED 14 CSK SH CSK
2020-10-03 15:45:00 FINISHED 15 RCB RR RCB
2020-10-03 19:45:00 FINISHED 16 DC KKR DC
2020-10-04 15:45:00 FINISHED 17 MI SH MI
2020-10-04 19:45:00 FINISHED 18 KSP CSK KSP
2020-10-05 19:45:00 FINISHED 19 RCB DC RCB
2020-10-06 19:45:00 FINISHED 20 MI RR MI
2020-10-07 19:45:00 FINISHED 21 KKR CSK KKR
2020-10-08 19:45:00 FINISHED 22 SH KSP SH
2020-10-09 19:45:00 FINISHED 23 RR DC RR
2020-10-10 15:45:00 FINISHED 24 KSP KKR KSP
2020-10-10 19:45:00 FINISHED 25 CSK RCB CSK
2020-10-11 15:45:00 FINISHED 26 SH RR SH
2020-10-11 19:45:00 FINISHED 27 MI DC MI
2020-10-12 19:45:00 FINISHED 28 RCB KKR RCB
2020-10-13 19:45:00 FINISHED 29 SH CSK SH
2020-10-14 19:45:00 FINISHED 30 DC RR DC
2020-10-15 19:45:00 FINISHED 31 RCB KSP RCB
2020-10-16 19:45:00 FINISHED 32 MI KKR MI
2020-10-17 15:45:00 FINISHED 33 RR RCB RR
2020-10-17 19:45:00 FINISHED 34 DC CSK DC
2020-10-18 15:45:00 FINISHED 35 SH KKR SH
2020-10-18 19:45:00 FINISHED 36 MI KSP MI
2020-10-19 19:45:00 FINISHED 37 CSK RR CSK
2020-10-20 19:45:00 FINISHED 38 KSP DC KSP
2020-10-21 19:45:00 FINISHED 39 KKR RCB KKR
2020-10-22 19:45:00 FINISHED 40 RR SH RR
2020-10-23 19:45:00 FINISHED 41 CSK MI CSK
2020-10-24 15:45:00 FINISHED 42 KKR DC KKR
2020-10-24 19:45:00 FINISHED 43 KSP SH KSP
2020-10-25 15:45:00 FINISHED 44 RCB CSK RCB
2020-10-25 19:45:00 FINISHED 45 RR MI RR
2020-10-26 19:45:00 FINISHED 46 KKR KSP KKR
2020-10-27 19:45:00 FINISHED 47 SH DC SH
2020-10-28 19:45:00 FINISHED 48 MI RCB MI
2020-10-29 19:45:00 FINISHED 49 CSK KKR CSK
2020-10-30 19:45:00 FINISHED 50 KSP RR KSP
2020-10-31 15:45:00 SCHEDULED 51 DC MI N/A
2020-10-31 19:45:00 SCHEDULED 52 RCB SH N/A
2020-11-01 15:45:00 SCHEDULED 53 CSK KSP N/A
2020-11-01 19:45:00 SCHEDULED 54 KKR RR N/A
2020-11-02 19:45:00 SCHEDULED 55 DC RCB N/A
2020-11-03 19:45:00 SCHEDULED 56 SH MI N/A

Sports Prediction Contest- IPL 2010/21
Rules for Points:

The points will be rewarded as follows:
1. Participation Bonus +1

2. Match Result

  • Correct prediction of match result (W/L)+10

  • Wrong prediction of match result (W/L) +0

    3. Exact winning score: +20 POINTS

    4. Nearest score :  ( ± 10 RUNS)

Your score for the winning team must fall in the range of ±  10 RUNS from the Exact Score.

Example if the actual score is (150):

Predicted score 148-152 will get +5 points [difference being   ± 2]
Predicted score 146-154 will get +4 points [difference being  ± 4]
Predicted score 144-156 will get +3  points [difference being  ± 6]
Predicted score 142-158 will get +2  points [difference being  ± 8]
Predicted score 140-160 will get +1  point [difference being ± 10]

NOTE: Score is based on the closest value but must fall in the given range i.e 20

Table: Nearest Score Points (winner team only)
Difference = | Predicted Score - Actual Score|   Points 
±2 5
±4 4
±6 3
±8 2
±10 1

For international Participants: 

For Season Winner:
45 USD + Rolling Goodies (will be transferred via PayPal account and goodies shall be couriered)

Terms and Conditions:
The “Rolling Sports Prediction” is an online contest of Rolling Nexus open to all registered users.
The contest shall run for the complete Indian Premier League season of 2020/21
Each Participant needs to register in Rolling Nexus to participate in the contest.
Rolling Nexus team reserves the right to disqualify and remove any participant from the contest without prior notification if the terms and conditions are breached.
The decision of Rolling Nexus shall be final and decisive. No appeal and/or correspondence will be entertained.
If entry/ registration contains false information or any other errors, Rolling Nexus has the right to suspend the account.

​If the season or monthly winner gets tie among two or more participants; the winner would be selected through a lucky draw and only one participant would be the winner.

Any employee of Rolling Plans Pvt Ltd and their immediate family shall not be eligible for any type of prize(monthly and season) of this contest. In case any employee or their immediate family tops the leaderboard; the second on the leaderboard would be awarded the prize.
By participating in this contest, the user gives Rolling Nexus the right to publish the profile picture and name of the User in any medium it finds appropriate, whether it be on this page, at its official website and on social media pages of Rolling Nexus or the parent company.

Duplicate accounts or two accounts from the same individual shall not be eligible for any type of awards(seasonal). An individual should participate only from one account; found any such issue Rolling Plans Pvt Ltd holds the right to disqualify the player.
The season winner will be announced on this same page and the user will be notified through email as well. Rolling Nexus are not accountable if the contest winner(s) do not receive this notification email for any reason whatsoever or fail to collect his/her prize within 14 days from the date of the prize announcement.
Rolling Nexus at any time reserves the right to add, delete, vary or amend the Terms and Conditions herein or change or modify any aspect of this contest, in whole or in part at any time and from time to time and at its sole discretion without notice and without liability to any participant or any other party.
Rolling Nexus and its affiliates (including its employees, consultants and agents) shall not be liable for any delays, interruptions, loss, or damage whatsoever (indirect or consequential) incurred or
suffered by any participant or winner.


Season winner to be displayed by end of the season

"Rolling Sports Prediction" brings you this platform to predict the IPL Season 2020/2021. The aim of the game is to correctly predict the match results during the season. One season winner will be awarded Rs 5000 attractive gift hampers throughout the competition. 

Participants must register to the individual account at Rolling Nexus to start predicting and get a chance to win the winner award. All registered participants can engage in this module free of cost. 


  • A participant can predict the match result of a game by clicking on the fixture.

  • Prediction time would be active or participants can predict before 12 hours of the game starts until one minute before the game. Once the game starts prediction cannot be done by participants.

  • The match date section displays the real-time and date of the match.

  • The status section displays as scheduled for upcoming and predicted  fixtures and finished for the games which have ended.

  • The Winner section shall be displayed as N/A before the game results and either name of  TEAMor TEAM B as per the winner after the game ends.

  • After the game ends, participants can see their predicted result, real-time result and earned points by clicking on the game.

Note: If you have any questions about Rolling Sports Prediction that are not included in this section, feel free to email at and we will get back to you at the earliest possible.

Seasonal Leadership Board
Sudip Kafle
413 pts
Arjun Karki
412 pts
Santosh Chand
409 pts
Bishal Karna
398 pts
Puskar Chapagain
397 pts
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