Facility Manpower Services Pvt. Ltd. is a pioneer & experience manpower agency in the Himalayan country Nepal committed to promoting quality working personnel, we emphasize in sincerity & dedication towards its workers as well as their prospective employers, keeping high standards in professionalism & accountability as a mark of reorganization that it enjoys both in Nepal and abroad.

Facility Manpower Services Pvt. Ltd. doing profitable business is up to the mark in meeting all obligations and commitments to long term relationship based on mutual benefits and partnership with the importers and employers of the manpower recommended and supplied by us. On the home front, Facility Manpower Services Pvt. Ltd. counts it self on supplying certified, experienced and quality personnel’s- especially those belonging to the deprived and disadvantages classes of Nepal.

We maintain that Facility Manpower Services Pvt. Ltd. is a worldwide supplier of the required categories and classes of manpower from Nepal. This is so because we believe in the importance of skilled/semi-skilled and experienced manpower in any project and development undertaking across the globe.

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